Tuesday, February 05, 2008

no bugs around here. (however, we're knocking on wood.)

so big h just didn't "peel so well this day." but he rested and watched his show. he had his snack and took it easy.

and then, he picked on his sister.

and that's when i knew he was better. no stomach bug around these parts. just the usual four-year-old and eighteen-month-old funk. runny noses and lingering coughs. nothing that a little tylenol meltaway couldn't fix. or fruit circles, as big h calls them.

clearly, he's got a medicine phobia.

and today was a big day for big h. day #5 of staying in his bed at night. which equals day #5 of blissful night's sleep for mommy and daddy.

he made his own chart. this was the second go around for the whole "stay in your bed" thing. so this time, he had to stay in his bed for five consecutive nights, and then it was time to get a toy. we're not above bribes. shocker. yigh-teen ah-keen was the toy of choice.

and because i'm his mom, i have to brag for .01 seconds. he told me that goo would be sad if she didn't get a toy when he did.

"i know. but you worked really hard for something, and she didn't."

"i know i did. and i did a gyeat job. and you said nice words about that. but i will be sad when goo cries because she doesn't have something new to play with. would it be ok if goo got something new too? that way we could have pun together."

melted. literally melted. i mean, i love this kid.

so does goo. because she got a new doll out of the deal.


Alana said...

Oh, how CUTE is he? Seriously, he's a keeper.

And please tell me you changed the pictures at the top or else I'm going to think I'm going crazy. They were different last time I was here, right??

Jill said...

Um, seriously, did you already get bored and redecorate your blog pictures? Still super cute! Wanna do mine? ;)

Janelle said...

I love these NEW pictures, too.

What a compassionate little man you have! Mine would have been taunting the fact that he got something new and sister didn't.