Thursday, February 07, 2008

imodium AD $7.99

saltine crackers $2.59

mcdonalds sprite $0.79

prescription diaper rash ointment $26.00

papa driving an hour just to read big h his bedtime stories so i could put the goo down for the night priceless

grandma responding to our last fourty-eight hours with, "what can i do to help?" (and having that question result in arranging for a maid to come clean our entire house)

buz holding my hair back while i graced the porcelain throne priceless

guess what we've all been up to lately?

big h -- monday
mommy -- wednesday
goo -- thursday
daddy -- thursday

have i mentioned how much i love my family? um, i love my family. i love my sweet mother-in-law for staying awake the whole night last night just trying to come up with something to do for me since i was sick with two children. that's just her. trying to do things for me all the time. after goo made her mark this afternoon, i called ms. wiz and suggested perhaps a clean house would make everything better. and her response? you arrange it and let me know how much. seriously. oh, and by the way. she does stuff like this all. the. time.

i know.

i love you, ms. wiz.

my mom is out of town right now. the scene was -- big h asleep. buz home from work early due to stomach bug. goo getting rid of her upset tummy all over the carpet. i couldn't do it. i called for reinforcements. and it would be a grand understatement to say that my dad "doesn't do sick." seriously. my dad DOES NOT DO SICK. but i believe my exact words were, "dad, i wouldn't call if i didn't desperately need you."

one hour later, big h and the goo were overjoyed that papa had arrived. and so was i. we divided and we conquered. dad took big h and i took the goo.

and when all was said and done, we shared a lovely mcdonalds happy meal together at approximately nine o'clock this evening. really, it was just a ploy to get him to come over for dinner.

oh, and my husband? held my hair back last night when it was just the right time to say farewell to all that i had eaten in the month of january. i think it's only fitting that it's february. the month of love and romance, right?

let's raise our glasses to a fun and extremely healthy february 2008.

here here.

gift (gĭft) n.
Something that is bestowed voluntarily and without compensation


penelope said...

i feel for you. i can't begin to imagine what i would do...especially now that my reinforcements are 7 hours away! hope you and your people are feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

cheers to feb. and looking onto march an entire month of good health for your entire sweet family.

R said...

bless your hearts...m had the stomach funk a couple of weeks ago for three long days, but miraculously the rest of us avoided it.

Chrys and Mike said...

oh, bless your hearts! that is miserable. we've had it twice in the past two weeks.

prescription diaper ointment??? i am intrigued. i'm thinking that the doctor would prescribe some immediately upon catching a glimpse of truett's sweet cheeks. so sad.

get well, get well. i'm with you in hopes for a healthy february.


Belle said...

bites, Jan, really bites. But what a sweet fam you have!! Hoping the rest of february is a healthier one :) Have a restful weekend...


Janelle said...

I hope you are not cyber-contagious. Reading your post makes me feel queasy...

Your in-laws rock! Seriously. But I bet you knew that already.

Alana said...

There is nothing that blesses me more than a clean house. Sad, but true. What a wonderful gift. I have to read your next post before I know whether to say, sorry you are still sick, or get better soon...