Tuesday, February 19, 2008

all over

as a preface, i'd like to inform you that buz and i will be eating popcorn, watching american idol, and going straight to bed.

because goo is drugged up on motrin and benadryl.

and big h was out in the first TEN MINUTES of getting into his bed.

but as a quick recap. CT went well. anesthesia was not the same as when she had her eyes done. she woke up VERY grumpy and that grumpiness? yeah, it lasted for a really. long. time.

but she got home and was so excited to have brother with her. (thanks to my new friend Christy for insisting she take big h for the afternoon. she has twins, boy and girl, who are in big h's class at school. big h is in love with her daughter. i would have no problem being in-laws with her.)and they sat together, had a snack, and watched a little television. it was blissful. and then, my sweet friend 'aunt biscuit' brought over a king ranch chicken casserole and salad. biscuit, goo LOVED the casserole. let me tell you how nice it was not to have to think about dinner. wonderful.

we won't know the results until thursday or friday. sucks. but buz and i have decided to have a positive attitude and be confident that we are in the palm of His Hand. only place to be.

oh yeah, and not to mention that we have so many incredible friends. we are so blessed, we can't see straight.

(someone please tell me why blogger won't let you use spell check anymore? it's so annoying. there. i've said my peace.)


Chrys and Mike said...

am praying the results will be conclusive and arrive quickly. may you enjoy time w/ buz tonight while your kiddos sleep soundly.

much love.


Anonymous said...

glad to hear everything. issac prayed tonight for his friend "little goo" taking my cue from last night. enjoy your sleep tonight!

Big Mama said...

I'm glad everything went well. I'll continue praying for Goo. And y'all.

Alana said...

So glad things went well and that you have a good support system of people to help you. Puts your mind at ease so much! I'll continue to pray.

What did ya think of AI?

jen said...

oh gosh, what a bad, blog reading friend I am. until I got your text today I had no idea what was going on. then I thought "was it her tubes?" and had to come here to read about it.

I am so sad :( sad for you guys and the stress you've been under, and sad for sweet goo who is the happiest little soul I know.

I'll be checking much more often, hoping for a really great update.

hugs!!! hope you guys are getting a great night's sleep right now!


Janelle said...

Continuing to pray for your sweet Goo. I am thankful that you have such good friends that take care of you. Can't beat that!

Hope everyone slept well!

Aimee said...

Saying a little prayer for you Janny - I wanted to cry thinking what you must be feeling.

And as far as Blogger is concerned - it S*CKS! I have started writing everything in Word, spell checking it there, and then copying it over to Blogger.