Sunday, March 02, 2008

it's starting to get comical

we have come to the conclusion that the goo is becoming quite a little glamour queen.

first, she had her ears done.

then, she wanted head shots. for God knows who or what? who is she trying to impress? what agency is she sending these to? i mean, she's already won over dr. g, big h, papa, grandpa, and daddy. you know...the important ones.

and clearly, she's just not satisfied. now, she wants her ears done.

and because we're enablers by nature, we're answering her every request. she's so spoiled. she wants her ears done? she'll have her ears done.

this friday. march 7.

i would ask for lots of prayers because of my nerves and worrying attitude and all. but at this point, we are so confident in our pediatric medical community and in the way God lays His hand on our hoss of a daughter. i mean, i'm not asking you to NOT pray, by any means. but the plea is not as desperate. think of goo at 730am (praise the Lord, it's not in the afternoon). lift her up in prayer. pray for her doctor. pray for the staff. pray for big h, who will be totally oblivious due to his prior school commitments. (the boy has a fast-paced social circuit.) and pray for buz. while he brings home the bacon. and pray for me, as i love on my little peanut.

but really? what's next? implants? fuller lips? firmer abs?

oh, and the reason we're giving in to her every whim? because this is how she's been feeling for a while now.


Alana said...

I'll be praying for little goo!

Anonymous said...

assuming you're talking about tubes...Tanner had them done on Friday...his second set. Piece of cake. Except for the extreme crankiness as he came out from under the anesthesia. However, if they give you the honor of administering the oral anesthesia, you will experience excellent comic relief at the sight of a seemingly intoxicated 1 1/2 year old :). will be praying...i know about those nerves.


Janelle said...

It was a miracle for both my kids. I wouldn't change a thing. They went from being sick and cranky all the time to healthy. Rarely are they sick now. It has been 4 years for my son and 3 for my daughter. I think they have had 2 ear infections since. I hope you find the same results.