Monday, March 17, 2008


that's all i'm doing. just a little updating.

first of all, seems i made the news the other day. and you know when someone comes over and you haven't cleaned the house or showered? and you SO wish you had? yeah, well sophie herself decided to mention something in her blog the other day. and when people came on over to our little blog, they got this. i mean, how depressing.

but this is life. or it is around here.

tonight, i've decided to be really positive and upbeat.

so this will be a short post. :)

life around here has been tough. i'm being honest, here, folks. tough.

and me? i've been a real pill to be around. just ask buz. or big h. or goo, for that matter. sleep deprivation isn't for wimps.

the reason i'm keeping this short tonight is so that i don't jinx anything. no, i don't really believe it all that. but at this point, i'm not taking any chances.

goo hasn't slept for longer than three-hour increments without crying. it's unbearable as a mama. antibiotics are finished. she had a wonderful weekend.

finally, buz and i got on our knees last night and prayed with honesty. that God would heal our baby. or at least help her sleep.

tomorrow, we're ordering noise machines for everyone.

you think i'm kidding. but i'm not.

lately, big h has either gotten ignored or i've been on his case for basically being four. God love him. i have really been wanting to take him to a movie. just the two of us. i realized the veggie tales movie and the bee movie were both at the dollar theater. so saturday night, i had a date with a hot, young thang. and you know what the best part of my day was that day? holding hands with my date? i got all nervous and had sweaty palms and everything.

today was day one of Spring Break. (i.e. four-year-old does not have anything structured planned for a solid FIVE days.) so we headed to the mall with some friends. i spilled pink lemonade on my green t-shirt. i was so trying to be Mrs. St. Patty's Day hip mom. poor me. so we headed to old navy, where i purchased my high-priced $2.50 green four-leaf clover t-shirt. big spender. that's what they call me. goo had a big day too. she now owns a pair of "buh buh's sooce." (brother's shoes. i.e. crocs. she doesn't really say it that well. that's what big h decided she was saying.) and they say money doesn't buy happiness? today, i begged to disagree. and the highlight of big h's day? was his accident in the nordstrom bathroom. and without going into detail, it wasn't a #1 accident. so little man donned some sweet adidas basketball shorts for a whopping $6.90 and then some small paul underwear. which, by the way, costs more than i will EVER pay for underwear for me or anyone else in my family. how my buddy paired the clearance (way too big) shorts with the 14K gold skivvies, i don't know. heat of the moment, i guess.

anyway, goo is sleeping. follow-up with one of our ENT's partners on wednesday. not sure what i'm hoping he'll say. win win? or lose lose? trust me...i'm trying to stay positive here.

oh, and my sweet little "whatever" girl? not so much anymore. she's got a thing or two to say these days. not in words, of course. that's how the wisners do it. tantrums are our communication of choice. (so glad i wasn't blogging when big h was eighteen months old.)

but we're here and plugging away. thank you for all the prayers and well wishes.


Jenny said...

I am constantly on my son's case for being 3. It's rough, being 3 (or 4, as the case may be) AND being the mother of a 3 (or 4) year old!

Hope you get good news and everyone gets some sleep :-)

Marino said...

So sorry and sad to hear about Goo still not feeling well...there is nothing harder on a mama's heart and sanity than a sick, cranky baby...hope ya'll get some much needed relief soon!

Love ya!


Chrys and Mike said...

"how my buddy paired the clearance (way too big) shorts with the 14K gold skivvies, i don't know. heat of the moment, i guess."

ahhhhhh, still laughing.

so sorry goo is still not well. bless those poor little ears! keep us updated on the appt tomorrow.



Franklin5 said...

AH, Jay-Dub. Am just so sorry to hear that your sweet "whatever" girl is channeling her and-while-I've-got-your-attention-let-me-tell-you-a-thing-or-two inner diva.

I have total faith that the minute her ears get cleared, which I pray will be oh, so, soon, she'll revert right back to her usual charming, winsome Goo self.

And that you won't see that diva act again for another, oh, twelve or thirteen years. I hope.

Wishing you sleep, peace and harmony, and sending you large, squeezy hugs...

Colored With Memories said...

So funny! I had the same thing happen to me a few weeks back when I won a giveaway from Lots of Scotts and suddenly had hundreds of visitors to my little corner of blogworld.

Went thru the ear tube thing with our Lily last year...not fun...sounds like Goo's is even more not fun!

Anyway, I love your blog...found you thru a comment on Scotts I think. And I'm almost positive we have 2 common friends...Amy, near you I'm guessing and Sarah near me in HV...hope I'm not wrong!

Thought I'd introduce myself!! Hi, I'm Kerry!

Alana said...

You poor thing. I know I keep saying that, but really I feel for you.

I'm glad you were able to have a date with your boy. One of my favorite activities, especially the hand holding part ;-)

I'm praying for Goo. Feel better, Goo!

Janelle said...

Sounds like life is rough for the WIsner's right now. For that, I am so sorry. I wish I was there to bring you a meal, or just take one of your kids for you. You need a break!

Here's hoping the ENT will give you some hope.

Hang in there!

Kelly from Montana said...
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