Thursday, March 20, 2008

i'm admitting it.

i cheated tonight.

on my date from last saturday.

not only did i cheat. i basically went on the exact same date. movie. popcorn. holding hands and everything.

and they even have the same last name.

only my date tonight didn't sit on my lap.

and i know i've mentioned our babysitter once or twice or twenty-four times. we love the girl. love her. she got here tonight, and buz was still at work. so it was just me. instantly, her red Accord pulled up in front, and big h ran to the door.

and immediately began talking about rocket from little einsteins.

i had dinner ready for the kiddos. but i wanted to prepare sweet J about goo's recent emotional changes.

i think what i said to her was somewhat along the lines of "hey, good luck getting her to sleep." eloquent, i know. i told her it was fine if she didn't want to bathe them. whatever she felt comfortable doing was ok.

her report? (and don't think my palms weren't sweating before we even walked in the door.)

oh yeah. bathed them both. she went right down. hasn't cried once. and big h. we watched two shows and had popcorn. watched one story time theater story. and i read him one story. and he went right to sleep.

miracle worker. surely, i've gone into all of the reasons i love this girl. but let me tell you something overthetop amazing.

she looks good in skinny jeans.

i know.

but you can't hate her. not only does she take the absolute best care of my little people. but she is, by far, the nicest, sweetest, and kindest young girl ever.

and speaking of sweet. want to know what rad thing happened to me today?

you do?

this afternoon we're coming home from our third mall in four days. it's what i like to call Spring Break '08. i get a call from my rad friend.

i don't mind saying that we don't talk on the phone. we're blogging, living-in-the-same-town, going-to-the-same-birthday-parties kind of friends. but i think she's pretty much all that. we met through my buddy weentrab when i was pregnant with big h. she has a son who is about a year older than big h. and recently...since goo was born, we've become buddies. and i dig her.

so to get a phone call from her is a little unusual. but i was excited. her phone call was to make sure we were going to be home this afternoon.

for her to bring us dinner.

i'm sorry. come again?

people. mrs. rad did not just bring us dinner. she brought us dinner. homemade chocolate chip cookies. a 2L of dr. pepper or "Heaven in a plastic bottle." tortilla soup with all the fixins. quesadillas for the kiddos in case they weren't into the soup.


and since buz and i had a last minute date night tonight, guess who doesn't have to think about dinner tomorrow night?

sarah, what an incredible random act of kindness. what a wonderful treat for our family. God bless you.

and that about wraps up the day today.


Janelle said...

OK. I am going to need 2 phone numbers. One, your babysitter and two, Mrs. Rad.

Seriously, glad you are out of the house and goo is feeling better. That puts a smile on my face.

Jenny said...

Sounds like a perfect evening :-)
What awesome friends - you guys totally deserve a free dinner!

Okay and seriously, maybe Skinny Jeans can come work some magic on my youngest. Seriously??

Alana said...

Yay for date night! And friends who bring dinner. How awesome is that?

Happy Easter!!