Wednesday, March 19, 2008


someone has slept through the night TWO NIGHTS in a row.

don't let her get word of it, though.

a little ENT update. saw our ENT's partner this morning. no sign of infection in her ears. can i get an amen?

and goo got her hair washed tonight for the first time in *gasp* nine days. seriously. nine days. can i tell you how much that grosses me out? not to mention the fact that she comes from a long line of fine-haired family members. mama included. so you want to talk greasy? but her custom plugs came in this morning. handy. some hot pink numbers. don't think i'm not going to get a picture of both her and big h in their fancy forty dollar custom-fitted ear plugs together in the bathtub.

oh, and she said four words today. on her own. attagirl.


penelope said...

sleep was never appreciated more than it is now as a parent. PRAISE THE LORD you have had 2 nights of sleep...assuming that means you actually slept the last 2nights, too.

Jenny said...

a-w-e-s-o-m-e!! on all accounts.

yay for goo? and you too :-)

Jenny said...

oops, not really a question.

i haven't finished my coffee yet and my 3 year old woke up an hour ago and hasn't stopped talking since.

how's this: yay for goo!!!

Alana said...


Praise the Lord!

And there was MUCH rejoicing!!

Sugar Photography said...

so very relieved!!!

Janelle said...