Monday, March 10, 2008

done. finished. complete.

that is what this day is.

whew. i think it's safe to say we're done with the whole going to a medical facility for a social outing. buz and i are spent. well, buz is playing ncaa basketball on his playstation. which means he is "winding down." (do any of your husbands have "wind down time?" and as for me? i am pooped.

let's talk for a minute. and to those who work outside the home (k, i'm thinking about you in particular), please overlook this next sissy of a comment.

i am not used to getting up before, say, GOD.

that's how early we got up this morning. and She Who Does Not Rise Before The Sun did not look like a beacon of light.

i mean, the crusties in my eyes were almost painful due to the sheer number of them.

not that it was about me today or anything.

this was our third medical facility to go to. and i'll be honest, we weren't as impressed. waiting room. beautiful. lovely receptionists at the front. too young and peppy even for the ungodly hour of the morning. patient pager system. cool and high tech.

other side of the pre-op/OR doors? not so impressive. granted, this wasn't a pediatric facility. so clearly no murals of sunshines or rainbows painted on the walls or anything. but nurse upon nurse. doc after doc. staff everywhere. and more beds in the given square footage than we had seen other than on grey's anatomy or ER.

we just happened to get the nurse-in-training. no problem. i mean, i had a clinical rotation in grad school. so i know what it's like to be introduced as the intern. but as of today, being the mom and all, i would have preferred that they withheld the truth. not that that would've been ethical or anything. but hearing "fiona's just learning the ropes today" wasn't so comforting when my daughter was starting to realize the whole "hmmm...everyone's in surgical attire" game.

mom pretending to look so calm. goo making the decision not to fake it.

cartoon momentarily occupying goo's attention.

mama getting to love on her baby.

they had cartoons on. but nothing that really caught goo's eye or attention. i will say that the anesthesiologist and his nurse were FREAKING AWESOME! they were so informative and made sure that they knew anything specific about goo. especially pink blanket. and they did inquire about the monogramming. :)

this was goo's first experience with versed. big h had it with his tubes. but goo didn't experience such delirium with her eyes or CT.

i realize a lot of you have had experience with this. so don't let me insult you if you already know all of this.

today, i caught of glimpse of what goo would look like mildly to moderately intoxicated.

she was so limp. not too limp to not want to be held by daddy. (let's all give out an 'oh, poor buz.') but limp, she was. and all she kept doing was open mouth kissing me over and over again. "mmmm...wah. mmmm...wah." 'll admit it. i was LOVING being loved on. LOVING it. and you want to talk glazed over eyes?

when they came to take her to the OR, the nurse took her from me and surprisingly, she resisted quite a bit. even on the meds. she wanted her pink blankie, her green blankie (from her bed), and the remote from the pre-op room that she had been using as her own personal cell phone.

literally, we were in the waiting room long enough to pray together and make some vending machine coffee.

the ENT came out and said everything had gone well and that there was a LOT to clean out. i'll spare you the details.

the wake up? not so pleasant. let's just leave it at that. so i can end this post positively. tough day overall for the goo. big h didn't know the difference. and now, the day has ended.

and the strange thing is how amazed we are at how at peace we were today. we knew so many of you were praying for us and our little family. God is so good to us. He is so sovereign over our little goo.

have i mentioned what a hoss she is?


and with that, buz and i are off to eat kettle corn and watch "bachelor: where are they now?" because we're on top of the hollywood scene.


Janelle said...

OK...I am not falling for the monogrammed blankie again. Isabella Rose, isn't it? :)

I am so glad this day is over for you. I thought of you often. I hope you felt peace.

The wake-up is HORRIBLE! After you said that, it all came back to me from my kids.

Anonymous said...

janet - so glad to hear (no pun intended) that the day went well and it's over. and halleluiah for no more social visits to the dr!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that everything went well...been thinking and praying for you all today! I can't wait to hear about what amazing progress little Goo is going to make now that she can finally hear!!!!

Love ya!


Sugar Photography said...

so relieved to see this! I hope tomorrow is a happy day in goo-ville

Chrys and Mike said...

YAY! So excited to read this good report! I prayed for you on the wrong day but I think it still worked. :)

Much love.


P.S. You look just alike in those pics. So sweet.

Alana said...

I'm so glad it went well. I hope she is doing better now and you guys, too. What an emotionally and physically draining day. Especially the getting up before the sun is up part. I'm with you on that!

Anonymous said...

sounds strangely similar to our experience w/ Tanner :)

Glad it's over & you all can move on hopefully ear infection-free!


Aimee said...

Glad to hear Goo's doing okay.

Jenn M said...

yay! hope today was a happy one.