Wednesday, November 28, 2007

one word.

or two. or three.

hoss. champ. rock star.

that sums up my daughter.

she was so stinking amazing today. (can you already sense the change of tone in my voice? i mean, my poor pity party yesterday. whew. i should have worn a hat and invited people.)

i prayed and prayed last night. for so many things.

buz took big h to school. there couldn't be anything better for my little man. he ADORES his daddy. so *bringing* daddy to school was a highlight.

goo and i had some mommy and me time this morning. and somehow she didn't notice that she didn't have a morning bottle. or breakfast, for that matter. champ.

headed to the surgery center. this place was basically gymboree with nurses and doctors.
the waiting room was incredible. i hadn't even put my keys away before they called us back. shirley, our nurse, was so informative. she was warm, friendly, and so good with the goo. goo had her own portable DVD player, though she wasn't that interested. they had toys for her to play with. and honestly, she was happy just walking the halls.

we met with the anesthesiologist, the OR nurse, and the doc. again, everyone was so informative.

finally, the time came. the time to take goo back to the OR without us. and we were escorted to the consultation room. buz went to the restroom, and i was determined to "get it together." i didn't want to cry. she was going to be fine. we were so confident in everything. "pull it together," i said to myself while buz was gone. cell had a light on. missed call/voicemail. from kelly.

i decided to listen to it. bad choice. she begins her message with "i'm praying for you guys." and then goes on with, "well, i'm praying, so i'm going to pray right now." and she prays. right there. in her voicemail. and i can tell there's a smile on her face. and then. there's silence. silence because she was crying. let me tell you something of interest about kelly. i have been best friends with her since THIRD GRADE and have seen or heard her cry ONCE. once. this was big. so my hope of "getting it together?" bless my heart. i love you, kelly.

after what felt like twenty seconds, the doctor came in and said everything went fine. she did really well.


and then, the recovery nurse came to take us to our baby. oh, our baby. there she was on a gurney, laying on her belly. with her blankie.

and there we sat. with our baby. the nurse gave her to me, and with buz right by my side, i can safely say there is nowhere i would've rather been. sweet, memorable time.

she is definitely not a sight for the faint of stomach. but she was our little red-eyed angel. she did great in recovery. had a whole sippy cup of water and kept it down.

they said one of her short-term side effects would be sensitivity to light. so when she was ready for discharge, her nurse fitted her with a sweet pair of gold sunglasses. this girl was hot. accessories were her game today. i'm sure of it.

we left the surgery center to go pick up big h from school. big h was less than pleased that we picked him up in my car vs. daddy's car. oh, to be four.

when we got home, he and buz left to go get goo a treat of some kind. and i'm going to be honest with you. i got about 45 minutes of anesthesia-goo. just a lump of sugar and her blankie nuzzled in my lap. bliss for her mommy. i'm just sayin'.

and we came home to dinner delivered to our front door and a cookie gram all the way from tennessee. we are blessed. so incredibly blessed.

and now. goo is asleep in her bed. her brother asleep in his. and her daddy and i are at peace. our goo is fine.


Marino said...

Yea, Praise God!!! You just made me cry....what a sweet precious little goo girl! I'm so glad for ya'll that everything went so well & here's to the Wisner's sleeping in heavenly peace tonight!

Love ya!

Jill said...

Really? Really? Yay, for ya'll! But really? What surgery center did you go to? And why doesn't the big hospital in Plano (that rhymes with besby) not have a rock star staff and waiting areas like that? I'm just sayin. And THAT sassy in hot pink! How could a girl NOT do well?

Seriously, I am glad all went well and is OVER! Prayers answered, indeed.

Chrys and Mike said...

so glad it went so well! yay for goo.

o had his surgery at the same place and i was as impressed as you were. i filled out the comment card and put it in the mail that very day, complete with the stars and happy faces i drew all over it.


Alana said...

Well, you made me cry, too. So sweet of your friend, Kelly.

I have this thing that I say to my friends when I am in a fragile (about to cry state)..."dont' be too nice to me". It always makes me lose it!

Anyway, so thankful that Goo did well and that all is well with you!

R said...

Oh my heavens! We're heading to the hospital for the big c-section in about 30 minutes, and you totally made me cry! I'm already missing daughter #1 terribly! :0)

BTW, my surgery is at noon, so I can relate to Goo about not eating/drinking...crazy!

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I've been meaning to call you to pick your brain on how to transition to 2 kids...I can't believe we're already at that point!

wads and bob said...

Way to go, Goo! We are just so thankful that all went so smoothly...certainly answered prayers!

Janelle said...

Oh, I am so thankful for the smooth operation and warm nurses. It sounds like God had you surrounded with His love.

The tears today are YOUR FAULT!! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE goo! LOVE you whole sweet family! i am so happy that all went well and swiftly and that you got to have some extra special time with alone with your rock star.

Ani said...

So happy to hear all went well.

Kelly from Montana said...

Love you bud! I'll have you know that prayer and worship makes me cry a lot! So glad to hear a god report - I'm ready for more... said...

just read your last two blog entries ... prayers are a little late, but praying for a smooth recovery. i have tears dripping down my cheeks. so sweet.

Franklin5 said...

Wow. Just: wow. Can't believe it's over and done with, and that movie-star Goo is home and happy and healthy. Thank goodness!

And even though I didn't actually know it was happening at the time, rest assured that y'all were in our thoughts and prayers. Because, well, that's pretty much a constant.

Hugs to the whole lot of you!