Tuesday, November 27, 2007


nope. haven't been on vacation. honestly, just not in the mood to write these days. not feeling witty. not feeling informative. those of you with blogs might have noticed that i haven't been stopping by lately either. i'd love to say i have a good reason.

but nope. no good reason. i have been around. i promise.

here's to boring blogging. you know...the computer version of my journal/baby book. enjoy. :)

never did post halloween picture. big h had the time of his life. the "sick or seat" was definitely the loudest on the block. i know at some point, we'll have to work on his speech. but for now, i like his versions of the words. goo did NOT, however, understand the point of trick or treating. the first three houses we went to, she actually went in. social graces...she'll get it next year. maybe.

had an incredible thanksgiving. my brother and his family came into town from birmingham. big h LOVED being with his cousins. he has a 5-year-old boy cousin and a 4-year-old girl cousins. the three of them had so much fun together. and he also has an 18-month-old girl cousin. yeah, she and goo are going to be fast friends really, really soon. buz and i had a date with my brother and his wife. oh, how i wish they were here in town. we have such a great time with them.

speaking of the cousins, let's talk about a milestone that occurred this past weekend. big h. slept. over. at. nana and papa's. with his cousins.

maybe you skimmed over that.

i'll state it again. buz and i were in our house with only one child. some of you know this piece of trivia. i have only been in my house once without big h. and that was the night buz came home from the hospital after his heart attack. not exactly the most dreamy of evenings. this was crazy, people. crazy. and rumor has it, he LOVED it. honestly, i was going to blog about it. that afternoon. but you know what i did instead? did a 400-piece jigsaw puzzle. in one sitting. (rats. i've just sealed my fate as being known as a complete geek forever.) i'm ok with it. it was so much fun. i sat at the table with a cup of coffee doing a puzzle while goo slept peacefully in her bed. and buz played playstation. shocker.

i was one of the six people who tuned into the bachelor this season. disappointed is such a mild, bland word to describe my feelings after devoting an entire evening to watching with my hubby. and putting off doing anything productive around the house. darn you, brad womack. and darn you, abc.

LOVED the cold front that thanksgiving brought. though today i wore a short-sleeve t-shirt outside when big h, the goo, and i played outside with some of our friends. never ceases to amaze me. never.

really need to get to bed. plus you're probably bored to tears. i would be. it's ok. you can admit it. you've also probably noticed that my usual upbeatness is not present tonight.

i'm finally admitting it. my sweet gooby has surgery on her eyes tomorrow. and i've been so nonchalant about it. "yeah, we're so confident in the doctor. he's great. we're really impressed with the surgery center. blah, blah, blah." but it's officially tomorrow. i know my mom and mother-in-law are reading this. and they're going to be calling me tomorrow sad for me. it's ok mom, and ms. wiz. i'm fine. i just want it over with. her surgery isn't until........NOON! who ever heard of making a 15-month-old wait until noon without eating anything? seriously. it didn't hit me until today. until everyone from the surgery center called with information. that she can't have anything after 9am, and before that, all she can have is clear liquids. have i mentioned that my favorite thing to do with goo in the morning is snuggle with her and her pink blankie and give her her warm (almost HOT) bottle? all while big h is watching a little playhouse disney or noggin. beauty. not tomorrow. oh yeah, and she has the mother of all diaper rashes. for the sake of your tummies, i won't go into detail. just know that after a week and a half of it being really, really bad, we had to get a prescription ointment that just got filled this afternoon.

wow. i just read this whole thing. and someone is a debbie downer tonight. sheesh.

so in the spirit of my half-fullness, let's end on a positive note, ok? if you think of it, pray for my sweet goo. pray that the morning tomorrow is a relatively easy one. one that she doesn't notice food or drink. that she is distracted. that the hour before at the surgery center is a relatively smooth process. that we are blessed with an amazing staff who will love on my baby. for dr. s. that he gets a good night's rest tonight and is fresh tomorrow. that he treats goo's eyes as delicately as possible. for big h. that he will have a good time at school tomorrow. that he will occupy himself well when he gets home. that he works really hard at not touching her face at all. (this is a big one, folks.) for buz and me. that we are loving parents to her and provide all she needs. and for goo, that she would feel a sense of being in the palm of her Father's hands.

thanks for praying. will update you tomorrow.


Janelle said...

Oh, I will be praying for your sweet daughter. Hope it all goes well this morning.

Don't fret about the bloggy blues. We all have gone through it. You will find your groove again.

"Sick or seat." Love it!

Sarah said...

she is in our prayers. as are you my dear.

Sugar Photography said...

prayers for sweet Goo, and for her fabulous family that loves her.

thinking of you this morning


Kelly from Montana said...

I love praying for you guys! Makes me smile (and cry) how much love God has for all of us!

Marino said...

Been praying for you guys all day....hope everything went well & will continue praying for an easy, smooth and pain free recovery for sweet goo! Loved catching up the other day!


Alana said...

Somehow I missed this post and just found it. So, I've been reading about your life in reverse ;-)

I completely understand the blogging dry spell. Often feel that way. When I'm worried or troubled, or sometimes for no reason at all, I retreat. I do this in real life and in blog life.

Glad to have you back, though.

Oh, we had a little Buzz Lightyear for Halloween, too.