Friday, November 09, 2007

making me happy

sorry i've been gone for a while. just doing life. one day at a time.

big h saying from the backseat, "yook, mama. i'm doing the robot." oh. oh yes. yes, he was. perfectly, i might add.

same time, same place. i skipped over a song that was about to come on in the car from my ipod because i was trying to get to a song big h would like. he interrupted my nervous shuffling while saying, "wait, mama. go back. that was a good song." it was this song. my heart instantly melted into a big pile of mush. big h, you make a mama proud with your love of all things hip hop.

while picking up big h from school, he told me, "mama, i played with "A" today, and i was really nice to him and i didn't even hit him." baby steps, i guess.

goo's laugh. period.

wearing shorts and a t-shirt today. because you know, it's NOVEMBER and all.

yeah, no. that's not something that made me smile. no. that definitely did NOT make me smile.

these. i mean, really. don't they make you smile too?

this website. makes me want to decorate. bless my heart.

seeing this at the mall kiosk today. oh, how i can't wait to rekindle the flame with my very own meat log, smoky bar, and sweet hot mustard.

this. I-L-L!! I-N-I!! i would sing the fight song for you. but well, i can't sing.

and the fact that my husband came home with this for dinner. love languages, people.


Janelle said...

Very, very fun list!

Who wouldn't be happy with Warm Biscuit? There stuff is darling!

Alana said...

I'm drooling over the Maggiano's menu. It makes me happy just looking at it. I can imagine how happy you were eating it! Mmmmmm.

R said...

Yep, when we c-section at Presby Plano in a couple of weeks, Maggiano's is SO on my menu request list from the fam who so faithfully feeds us while we're cooped up there. :0)

Anonymous said...

making me happy -

that big h knows the robot, which means that either you or buz know the robot.

a.j. mclean. swoon.

that the warmbiscuit site has thanksgiving gifts.

the fail-safe (sp?) father-in-law gift: the hickory farms Beef and More Gift Box.

a man named juice williams.

you psoting again.

Anonymous said...

everytime I walk outside and am knocked over by the humidity and heat, I think "Poor Winter Janet..."

be patient, it will come

off to scope out warm bisquit