Wednesday, October 31, 2007

five minute party recap

because i'm taking pity on you for trudging through the four hours that it took to read big h's tribute of sorts, i have decided to recap big h's actual birthday party in a matter of five minutes. you're saying it can't be done. i'm not known for my short stories. buz can tell you that.

oh yes. it can be done. so here goes.

birthday party at mcdonalds. why? because i had my fourth birt'hday party at mcdonalds. and in a moment of nostalgia, i decided it would be a good idea. who doesn't like a good happy meal?

good idea? i think so.

here is what the mcdonalds looks like.

how could one not have a good time?

bottom line. play area was used. happy meals were consumed. lightning mcqueen cake had by all. big h and the goo matched. dorky. i don't want to hear about it. i'm dorky. i've admitted it before. and i'll admit it today.

and number one reason it was such a great party.

we are surrounded by the most incredible friends. the most. incredible. friends.

seriously. there was not one person there not working to help make it a fabulous night. all of our friends helped with taking chicken nugget vs. cheeseburger orders, taking juice vs. milk orders, cutting cake, serving cake, taking pictures (weentrab, no shocker there), goo duty (i.e. making sure goo didn't escape -- this was actually the hardest job there), and making sure every little kiddo there had a good time. worker bees, i tell ya. and i think we achieved it. big h was definitely loved on by everyone. and wow...showered with gifts. our little circle is generous...with their time, money, effort, and energy. we are blessed. big h is blessed.

and the best part. last night when i was asking big h what the best part of his day was before we prayed, his response was, " was pun (fun) that my priends (friends) celevrated (celebrated) me at donalds." yes, little man, they sure did.


Alana said...

"I'm lovin' it"

I've heard McDonald's throws a mean party. And that is one amazing McD's. Never seen anything like it!

Glad you all had fun!!!

Janelle said...

How fun to have the party at McDonald's! Ours are so lame here that we would be bored to tears. They took out our playland to make room for more patio seating. SNOOZE!

Sounds like everyone had a fun time at the party! said...

i vote for bigger pictures in your posts :o)