Tuesday, October 09, 2007

i mean, i thought i wasn't someone you wanted to mess with. guess i was wrong.

this is big h's tough guy look. bless his heart. his big-as-texas heart. he tries to act tough. but he's such a softie. see?

this is what we did during goo's nap today. we played outside. because people...it never reached the 90s today. cold fronts. love 'em.

someone help us with a christmas card/picture idea. should we wait until new years? or st. patrick's day? (which we've done several times. slackers.) why the urge to think about it now?

alert: this is not for the faint of stomach. or if you're big mama.

i talked to the surgery scheduler today.

we are on the books. for november 28. goo's birthday present to her uncle bob. "gooder" eyes.

yeah, you're doing the math in your head. i know you are. thanksgiving. eye surgery.

let me tell you what thomas, the surgery scheduler, informed me:

"light sensitive for two days post op. eyes will feel scratchy for two days. may have pain rotating the eyes for one week. swelling will occur for two to three days post op. bloodshot eyes for ten days to two weeks. 90% of the redness clears within two weeks. may have bloody discharge or matting of lashes, lasting approximately two days after surgery: the eyes may stick together in the morning due to buildup. wipe with damp cloth."

let's stop there. let's just assume the goo will NOT be her normal self for two days post op. safe to say?

and in all my motherly vanity, i'm pretty positive her christmas picture in her smocked snowman dress will not be quite as glamorous with bloody discharge and eye boogers. am i right?

who am i foolin'? 1) we've never taken a "christmas picture." and 2) we've never dressed up for any form of "holiday portrait."

so i'm thinking about perhaps a "darker" christmas card this year. all of us in gothic black. big h will stay up too late the night before, and we'll wake him up early the next morning. buz and i will partake in too much festive enjoyment, a little out of character for us. and goo. well, she'll have bloodshot eyes and will be doped up on painkillers.

see...this is what happens when i stay up past midnight.

must. go. to. bed. think smock. snowmen. black mary janes. red/black plaid. silver bells. holly. ornaments. stockings.

i'm off to dream of a white christmas.


Alana said...

Well, I'm personally a fan of the goth look. We did it for Halloween a couple of years ago and it is kinda fun. But, you may want to stick with snowmen and Mary Janes for Christmas.

Love both pics of Big H. Naptime well spent!

Anonymous said...

who doesn't love a valentines card?! still thinking smocking and patent leather mary janes for goo. plus, you know how good big h looks in red!

R said...

J, I gotta tell ya, I've come to look forward to the "beginning-of-the-year" surprise Christmas card/letter each year from the Wisners!

The Goo's surgery is on 11/28? I'll be c-sectioned on 11/29 at Presby!

I can sort of comiserate on the Christmas cards--do I do them early, sans second baby, and risk being pregnant in the photo? Or do I use that tiny window between 11/29 and the time I need to mail them out to get them done? Of course, then I run the risk of still looking pregnant!

We may have to steal your idea this year and do a New Year's card instead!

Or Presidents' Day?!