Monday, October 22, 2007

i'm back

sort of.

so the house has been laying a little low the last couple of days.

would you believe me if i told you goo saw the pedi on friday and came away with a diagnosis of double ear infection? you'd probably think i was making it up for some attention.

no. pediatrician's office three times in six days is, frankly, too much for me. hey dr. g. can you loan me your ear thing? i believe it's called your otoscope? or would you mind making house calls? because i'm getting a complex with all the times big h has asked if you and/or miss melanie, RN can come to his birthday party.

so augmentin is the drug of choice this go around. we're thinking it's just a matter of time before she shares something in common with her big brother. something we'd prefer they not share.

plus, we were kind of hoping our christmas letter would not include any hospitalizations. at this rate, we might be including two.

all that to say, we've been a pleasure to be around. and sometimes i don't like posting when life is little more gloomy than normal. and if truth be told, i'm not so good about joking and having a cute wit about fevers, 4-in-the-morning wake up calls, and cold sweats. you know...i wear my feelings on my sleeve. i'm just like that.

but i am happy to report that big h is at school. goo is asleep in her crib. and i have the windows open (because it's in the 50s), listening to the RAIN, sipping on a nice nice, hot beverage. planning on taking my first shower in three days. i like to be clean. it's who i am. and perhaps lay on the bed and watch an episode or four of some good, mindless television.


R said...

Oooh! The pumpkin spice latte!!! I think I need one of those tonight...

Janelle said...

Girl. I feel your pain about the double ear infections. That was us, before ear tubes. They were a MIRACLE for both my kids.

I hope you get some relief in the form of caffiene and TV.

Kelly from Montana said...

sending you a BIG hug! let me know if you need another! praying for all of you!