Tuesday, October 23, 2007

redeemed ourselves

since becoming parents, buz and i have become less and less cool. a decrease in our hipness, so to speak. and because i know buz reads this, i will rephrase the last sentence. i have had a decrease in my hipness. there, buz. you are no longer part of my grand generalization.

anyway, where was i? right. how not cool i have become.

now, using the term become implies that i was, in fact, once hip. cool. with it. trendy. and actually, without sounding totally pathetic, that wasn't the case either. i think i have always had a good read on what's in and what was "last year's black." (seriously, that might go down in wisner history as one of buz's favorite expressions. and for the record, he never uses it in the right context. not that there's really a correct content....)

stay on track, janet. stay on track.

i've just noticed a rapid decline since i became a mother. and you know what? i'm totally ok with it. because rocking goo in the glider at 430 in the morning is way better than looking cute in the latest shrug or animal print. (see...i told you.) because having big h run around the house in his buzz lightyear costume in the middle of march is so much better than spending NINE DOLLARS to see the latest hollywood blockbuster. NINE DOLLARS, PEOPLE! that's how much movies cost these days.

seriously, i digress.

all this to say. i have to toot my own horn. tonight. buz and i were cool. hip. with it. part of the pack.

tonight, we went to a mavericks game. buz does not have a job that gets free this and that everyday. so getting tickets to a game is a big deal to us. getting a babysitter is an even bigger deal.

let's talk about our babysitter. i don't know what big h has been prayingfor, but clearly God is watching out for my little man. because we've been blessed with really good sitters. but this girl? secretly, i think big h is into her. she has the biggest smile. all. the. time. how do high school students do it? every time we ask, she is so eager to come over and spend time with our children. and in my quest for hipness, i don't call her anymore. we text and email each other. i know. it's too much. long story, but she just happens to be the stepdaughter of one of my dear, dear friends. and don't even think i'm going to give out her name or number to any of you. because we are selfish around here. big h likes her so much that he wants to invite her to his birthday party next week. which, by the way, puts her on the same playing field as dr. g. huge.

anyway, she came over with the sweetest disposition, as usual. apparently, she and big h watched madagascar and ate popcorn. and goo had a catastrophic ravioli spill. no harm done. that's what shout is for.

but we saw a game. they played the bulls. from chicago, you know. i got to sit next to my sweetie and my bff and her sweetie. we had great seats. i had some sub par nachos. but really...are stadium nachos really ever that sub par? and at first, i thought we would watch the game, and check out famous people, and really get into it.

but then, it dawned on both of us that we didn't have any of our kids with us. and we could carry on full conversations. lots and lots of them.

so, as disappointed as i'm sure buz is with me, all i really know about the game is that we won. and i think we beat them by more than twenty points.

but i commented a lot on the dancers. and the cheerleaders. (who knew the NBA had cheerleaders? boy and girl ones?)

but more importantly, i got to touch and comment on her banana republic handbag. we got to talk about how our boys are doing in preschool. we got to talk about how our daughters are the second borns and they really get the shaft on a lot of things. we talked about what we're going to do for our christmas pictures and what we're thinking of wearing. we compared our brown north face jackets.

vital, life-changing, earth-shattering information. but you know what? she's my bff, and i'm not sure we've ever finished one conversation in the last four years. definitely not twenty-two of them. and we were hip and cool sitting inside the american airlines center next to two really cute boys who ended up taking us home. :)

bff, we had such a great time. oh, and i managed to find the last cotton candy vendor and scored me some cotton candy. but i ate it all and now i have a stomach ache.

when buz and i got home, this is the little treat big h left for buz under his pillow.

this is why i love having a boy.


wads and bob said...

oh, bff, we had the BEST time. really, really we need to do the whole "go out without kids" thing way more often!

love big h's tains! such a thoughtful boy :)

wads and bob said...

ok, i meant to say "trains"...

Anonymous said...

i am justifiably jelous! y'all had THE best seats. what a great night.

do i see that big h has 2 lightening mcqueen's? gasp! the jelousy!

Kelly from Montana said...

I am WAY jealous! Last time I was at an NBA game I was chasing a 2 1/2 year old around. Next time I'm at an NBA game I will be chasing a 4 1/2 yea old and and almost 2 year old around!
Love the new bed spread - simply gorgeous! You've always been hip!

Janelle said...

Looks like the perfect night out with grown-ups. You look very hip by the way!

So funny about you texting your babysitter. How fun is that?

Alana said...

Love the cars on the bed. We have cars coming out our ears. My youngest is all about Lightning McQueen. Too cute.

Sounds like a great night out. Glad you were able to have a real adult conversation without interruption? Seriously, that is the BEST!

Hope everyone is feeling better at your house now!

Lance and Heather said...

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