Friday, December 07, 2007

rumor going around

that i might have the night to myself tomorrow night.

like husband and kids staying at my mom's house all day tomorrow, tomorrow night, and sunday morning/afternoon.

like me being in my house for the first time ever without either of my children in approximately four years and two months. i mean, i'm not counting or anything.

just a rumor at this point. but don't think i'm not planning how much of the house i'm going to clean. and how many things i'm going to put away. and how many christmas cards i'm going to finish. and how loud my 90s love ballads are going to play throughout the wisner house.

just a rumor.

(buz, i love you so much i can't see straight.)


Alana said...

You are going to be giddily happy if this rumor comes true. Enjoy a 90's ballad or two for me. Great news!

R said...

Bliss! I'm so happy for you!

Janelle said...

That sounds like a dream come true...except for the cleaning part. But I do crave time to myself at home.

Have fun!!

Big Mama said...

Who would've thought 10 years ago that a night alone listening to 90's ballads would sound so good?

Here's hoping it's not just a rumor.