Thursday, December 27, 2007

hopefully a frozen tundra

really, i would love to toot my own horn and nominate myself for wife of the year.

but i would be taking credit away from someone.

this is dedicated to all things jason and jill.

this friday morning (at an UNGODLY hour), buz and i are off to enjoy our Christmas present.

we are going to green bay, wisconsin to see buz's man crush (and my regular 'ole crush) BRETT FAVRE play against the detroit lions.

there is history, here.

there is something about buz that most of you don't know. i didn't figure it out until a couple of years ago.

buz doesn't have favorites. he is SO easy to please that he doesn't have a favorite in any category. no favorite soft drink. no favorite movie. no favorite color. no dream car. the list could go on forever. seriously.

he does, however, have one very specific favorite. it's actually two-fold. green bay packers and brett favre. in my opinion, they go hand-in-hand. but seeing as how this may be brett's last game, it may not be the case for much longer. (notice how i said 'brett' instead of 'brett favre?' yeah, we go with first names. we're close like that.)

anyway, that was one thing i noticed early on in our dating history. every sunday, i knew where he would be. at home. on the couch. drinking some form of ale. eating some form of tortilla chip combined with some sort of dip. and i was welcome there. but if i had plans of my own, so be it. he wasn't getting off the couch.

those of you who actually know buz in real life probably find all of this interesting because he's just not your typical NFL couch potato.

when we were dating, i learned that his family has an NFL contest every season. you pick games, upset or favorites. more points for upsets. more points for teams that you pick alone. i was intrigued. so i purchased as many NFL magazines as i could that fall, and i was determined to at least stay in the game.

i won.

first year.

um hmmm.

yeah, i won.

i got a trophy the night of our rehearsal dinner.

anyway, since we met, i have decided that i really like watching NFL and keeping up with who's who. and one thing has remained.

buz's love for the game. the team. and the player.

packer tickets are next to impossible to obtain. well, i mean, for under four hundred dollars.

the summer before big h was born, buz and i went to one of my college roommate's weddings. and all four of us roomies were there. there was the bride. the one who was already a mom. the one who was about to be a mom. and the one who was married but without a child. yet. that was jill.

buz got to talking to her husband that afternoon/night and found out that his parents have season tickets to the packers.

had to pick buz and his jaw up off the floor. seriously.

fast forward to several months ago. no idea what to get buz for Christmas. think, think, think.

email jill about possibility of knowing anyone who could get us tickets.

day after i send the email -- call from jason, the husband, asking if december 30 would be ok.

pick myself and my jaw up off the floor.

no idea how i will work anything out but said yes so fast my head hurt. what, from all the spinning and such.

called the one person who never spills secrets -- my dad.

and then proceed to figure out how to take out a second mortgage so we can make it to the game.

all i have to say is that God works miracles.

now, we're packing for an unforgettable trip. kids are staying at home with nana. buz and i are going to be alone for FOUR DAYS.

oh, and guess who buz gets to spend those FOUR DAYS with?

WINTER JANET. really, she's a beautiful creature. she smiles all the time. she has a joyful spirit. she takes in life with each breath and thanks God for his mighty and beautiful creation. you think i'm kidding. those of you have met WINTER JANET know that i'm not.

she is the exact opposite of summer Janet. she is a sad, sad person who really isn't even worth mentioning, to be honest.

i was going to wait until Christmas morning to tell him we were going on a trip. then, keep the secret until we were getting on the plane.

i mean, i waited nine months TWICE to find out the sex of my children, for pete's sake.

i couldn't hold out. couldn't do it. had to tell him earlier.

you know how i did it?

i bought us matching shoes. and socks. thank you, kelly. and gave him this.

and to end on a sweet note, the forecast for sunday is high of thirty with a forty-five percent chance of snow.

God bless America. and God bless Jason and Jill. (and now baby Evan.)


wads and bob said...

I hope y'all have the BEST time! Can't wait to hear all about it...

Jenn M said...

WOW, what a wife you are! LOVE this post. Merry Christmas to you and yours! I've been keeping up, but never seem to be able to read AND comment without interruption. Had to share here though...

Random fact about me? I'm from Appleton, WI (just south of GB), haven't been back since the
90's but lived my entire childhood there, left when I was 19. Have a super time!

Chrys and Mike said...

love this post. you always make me laugh. y'all have a GREAT trip!!!


Susan said...

Finally de-lurking to say how much I LOVE your blog. You, BigMama and BooMama are on my "rounds" of sites I take a look at each morning. Thanks for being so real and sharing so much of yourself with us.

As a huge Green Bay Packers fan myself, I'm so envious you are going to the game. Have a BLAST!

A belated Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and your sweet family!

P.S. I'm totally a fan of winter too. :)

Alana said...

You go, girl! That is a seriously GREAT present! I'm going to scroll up some and read more!