Saturday, December 08, 2007

exciting events at casa de wisner

yes. yes, it did. the rumor came true.

my husband, my knight in shining armour, took the kiddos this morning. and he's coming back home tomorrow afternoon.

the first item on his to do list was to see santa. i've been amazed, now that big h is into santa, at how santa is a much busier person than he was when i was big h's age. i mean, the professional photography. the digital printers at the end of the line so you can have your image printed right then and there. (i mean, i'm distinctly remembering some sweet 70s Polaroids back in the day.) and the lines. oh heavens, the lines. i was determined to only take him once so he wouldn't be confused. so we went to the mall on thursday to play with a friend. we played at the play area, and santa himself just happened to be right next to the play area. convenience. no line. even better. but because i'm a mom of the year nominee, i decide it would be best for all of us to get some lunch so we're all in good moods. lunch complete. off to see santa. still expecting no line. definitely was not expecting santa to be taking his "milk and cookies" break. now, i'll give the guy a break. he has to sit in probably the hottest outfit in all of america from what must seem like sun up to sun down. i understand. a guy's gotta have his milk and cookie break. makes sense. but we show up at 1:10, and his milk and cookie break is from 1-2. how on earth do you explain to a very excited 4-year-old that we have to go home because it's snack time for santa. well, you tell him that tomorrow night is daddy's office christmas party and spouses aren't invited, so we're off for a night play date. i'm crazy. i live on the edge.

we head down to the mall in the heart of the metroplex. we arrive at 4pm. we had called a friend to meet us for dinner between 5 and 530. her son happens to be scared of santa at this point in his little 3-year-old life; hence, the reason we go so early.

this place is incredible. it is a store that is totally designated to having santa. red painted walls. an entire living room setup, complete with massive christmas tree, mantle, and hunter green velour chair for the man himself. seems there is a lot of interest in this santa. seems pretty popular. we don't see him. seems he's having dinner. at this point, big h thinks that all santa does is eat. we take our ticket. we ask the man when we might expect our number to be called.


so after i spit my dr. pepper in his face, i had to break the news to the little man that it appears santa is really popular.

i promise him we will see santa tomorrow. he's thinking i'm the boy who cried wolf. "whatever, mom. that's what you said yesterday."

buz got the honor and privilege of taking big h to see santa this morning. help me figure out my dilemma. can't tell if he had fun or not.

guess so.

so santa is checked off our list of holiday fun things to do. kind of sad i didn't get to be a part of his first santa experience. but i can't think of anyone either would've rather gone with.

the day to myself. how should i spend my time? spent time photographing a friend's kids and nephew this morning. Christmas present for the unsuspecting grandmother. fun.

came home and feverishly cleaned. every room in the house has clean sheets. light bulb in goo's closet that hasn't worked for about 7 months. changed. sippy cup that's been in the sink for a time i'd rather not share. rinsed and finally in the dishwasher. everyone in the house will have clean clothes when the load that's currently drying is complete. ahhh. spent the afternoon with weentrab doing her magic with some of her and my favorite people. what i would give to be weentrab for a day. home for more cleaning and organizing. gave myself until 7, and then it would be dinner time. oh, and dinner time it was. were there 90s love ballads, you ask? yes, there were. and i was even able to combine my love for the love ballad with a little christmas flare.

but darn it if i can't find my lighter. because really, it would be the perfect accessory.

and now that i've finished my dinner, i'm off to take a LLLLOOONNNGGG shower, get comfy in my jammies, sit underneath the covers, address Christmas cards, and watch numerous episodes of DVR'd what not to wear.

it's been an absolute delight to be by myself and get so many things accomplished. but you know what? i miss my posse. a lot. i didn't get to squeeze my little man in his jammies. i didn't get to rock my sweet girl to bed with the smell of her blankie in my face. and i didn't get to cuddle with my buz before drifting off to sleep.


R said...

I know what you mean! Why do we do that? When we have the kids, we long to be without them. But when we're without them, we long for them to be with us.

J took M to church this morning so she could play with her buddies, and here I am all alone, peppermint cocoa in hand, baby Rosie asleep, finally updating our blog with photos of the new baby, and I just got a call from J that he's taking M to the grocery store and to run some other errands after church. But am I excited that he's getting work done for me? Noooo...I was sad that he wasn't coming right back home! :0)

Kelly from Montana said...

ain't life grand - BIG SMILES for you:)

Anonymous said...

precious santa and even more precious big h! you and buz rock. we shirk santa at every turn and these days - that's a lot of shirking.

Alana said...

Sounds like the perfect day. It feels so good to get things caught up!!

Janelle said...

Maggiano's sounds heavenly.

I am glad you had such a wonderful time and I bet everyone got lots of smooches the next day!

Franklin5 said...

This is belated, but I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am that you had some much-needed time to yourself, and how incredibly grateful and honored I felt that you spent some of it with us. Didja see the pictures? Didja? You and your friend Weentrab TOTALLY. ROCK. Thank you a million!