Thursday, December 20, 2007

"...i worked this morning and then went to the department Christmas Party. i drove four ladies over to the Cheesecake Factory. i sat with them and some other girls, including Davis, my accountability partner. i found out who my secret pal was. it was a great lunch. buz had given me an early Christmas present a couple of weeks ago -- an outfit from Harold's to wear to work. it's a dark/maroon thin sweater and a long dark paisley skirt. it is such a great outfit! he has the best taste! it was fun because all day long people complimented the outfit, and i was able to tell them that buz had gotten it for me. so much fun! then, i made sure i left work around 3:00 because he wanted to get to his brother and sister-in-law's house at a decent hour and beat the traffic.

earlier in the day, our neighbor PC had called me and asked me if i wanted to come over to her house after we looked at Christmas lights and exchange Christmas presents with her. she told me to call Brad and see if it was OK with him. so i called him, and he said it was fine with him. i thought that was weird because i didn't think we'd get back to his house until at least 9:00, and he NOT a night person. i didn't think he'd have the energy. but i called her back and said we'd be by after we were done at buz's brother and sister-in-law's.

so i got home from work and changed clothes. i kept on the sweater, but i put on khakis and some brown shoes. i was really tired, so i laid down on the couch. the phone rang, and it was buz asking about something. i answered his question, and we got off, and he was going to come over later (around 4:30). my cordless phone wasn't working, so i had to get up and use the phone by my bed. so a little while later (while i was on the couch trying to nap), the phone rang again. i checked the caller ID, and it was buz again. he was asking some other questions, and i was a little frustrated because i wanted to rest a little before he got there. on of the questions he asked was"what should i wear?" at this point, i didn't think it mattered and really didn't care what he wore. but he asked, "if you could pick anything out for me, what would you pick?" i told him a certain shirt, and he said it was at the cleaners. i told him another one -- a red/white gingham button-up shirt. he said he was going to wear that with some jeans and his running shoes. then, i had just laid back down, and he called again. i was getting frustrated!

finally, he got to my apartment and sat down next to me on the couch and just looked so weary. he said he had had a long and busy day. so we sat for a while. then, we got ready to go, and he told me he wanted to stop at the exxon to get a coke? i thought that was kind of strange because he has never wanted to do that before, but i went along with it and asked him to get me a dr. pepper too. we drove to his brother and sister-in-law's. the whole way over there, he did work stuff on his little keyboard pager thing. we got there and played with my six-month-old nephew. we had dinner, and after dinner, we exchanged gifts. then, we got our cups and filled them with hot cider and hot chocolate. we got in the car and drove around to look at Christmas lights. it was so much fun! said goodbye to his brother and sister-in-law and headed back to his house. we were listening to "breath of heaven" by amy grant. i accidentally talked during the middle of the song, and buz "shushed" me and started the song over. ok. when the song was over, he was really quiet. i asked him if he was ok. two things were throwing me off. it was after 9:00, and he was still awake. and he wasn't worried about getting my car at my apartment. when the song was over, he said "i'm just lost in thought." "ok, buz, you just let me know if you need anything."

when we got to his neighborhood, he asked me if i was weary about exchanging gifts with PC so late. so a couple of blocks away, he pulled over, and we both took a moment to regroup and prepare ourselves for being up late. we prayed and headed on to PC's. he pulled into the driveway. he stood by the car and told me that he was going over to PC's and ask her if she wanted to come to his house or if she wanted us to come to her house. (she broke her leg a couple of weeks ago.)

he asked me to go play with his dog while he was doing that because the dog hadn't been played with all day long. i agreed with no problem. as i was walking into the house, he told me to make sure i played fetch with him. i thought that was weird but didn't think a whole lot about it. so as i was closer to the door, he asked if there was music playing for the dog. (buz always leaves music on for his dog during the day.) enough already. i didn't even notice that my three favorite songs were playing in the background. once i was in the doorway, he asked me to take the hallway. at this point, i was frustrated with him because he told me he was going to PC's to find out what the deal was. my first thoughts were, "who are we more concerned with? dog or me?" i told him i would take the hallway (his house is small enough that there is no other way to get outside other than taking the hallway.)

so i walked into the kitchen, and there were tons of Christmas lights making a little path toward the back porch. didn't think anything of it because he is really festive. did think it was strange because Christmas was in five days. kind of late to put up decorations.

when i got out to the back porch, there was buz. now, he was officially on my nerves. why wasn't he at PC's finding out what we were doing about the Christmas gifts already? he just looked at me. then, he tilted his head toward the backyard. i looked toward the backyard, and there was HUGE wooden (6'x12') sign in the backyard that said, "janet, will you marry me?" i just started saying, "oh my goodness! oh my goodness! oh my goodness!" i looked at it forever and couldn't figure out what it was saying. then, i looked at him again, and he was standing closer to the stairs where i was. he was on one knee and was crying. he said, "janet, there are so many things that i want to say to you, but i can't think of many of them right now. you have changed my life in so many ways, i can't tell you. i love you so much, and our relationship in Christ is the most important thing to me. i want to lead you in our marriage. i want you to be my wife. will you marry me?" i was speechless. i couldn't get any words out. he grabbed my hand. while somewhat laughing, he said, "do you need some time to think about this? because you have given me an answer." i said no and kept hugging him and said "sure" at first.

i couldn't believe i said "sure."

then, i said, "of course i will marry you!!!" i kept hugging him. then, he pulled out the most beautiful diamond ring i have ever seen. he just showed it to me in the box, and i stared at it for a little while. then, he pulled it out and placed it on my finger. i was still freaking out not believing this was happening. then, he took my hand and took me into the kitchen and sat me down. he said, "do we need to recap what just happened?" he sat me down and held my hands. then, he said he had one more surprise and gave me a copy of modern bride magazine. when we were sitting across from one another, he asked if he could pray for us and the future of our relationship. we prayed, and honestly, i couldn't believe all of this was really happening. cloud nine. that's where i was. we went outside and looked at the board again. we went over to PC's to show her the ring and tell her. (she already knew because she was in on it.) we came back over to his house and sat on the couch and had dr. peppers together.

then, he said, "well, do you want to call people?" i guess i couldn't believe this day was really, finally here. i have dreamed of this day my entire life. we called my parents and his parents. then, we called his brother and sister-in-law. i couldn't believe they knew the entire night and didn't let on. i called some of my friends and asked them to be bridesmaids. i called kelly and asked her to be my matron of honor. she was overjoyed.

Lord, right now i ask that you are with our wedding planning and our marriage. i pray that i will be a good wife for buz. i pray that we will daily encourage one another. i pray that we will grow in You in ways that we will never expect. i pray that i don't get caught up in planning a wedding, but am able to stay focused on planning a marriage. thank you, Lord, for this incredible day of joy and celebration. i appreciate who you are in my life as well as who you are in buz's life. thank you for coming into my heart and into his heart. you have created us for each other in such a unique and divine way. we are so appreciative. i love you, Lord, more than i am able to express."

this was my journal entry from december 20, 2000.

seven years later, i am not itchin' a bit. i love my best friend more today than i did that day. hard to believe or imagine.

let's talk about something. why did i think 9:00 was so late back then? i didn't even have a kid.

and who is impressed with my response? "sure." like, sure, i'll take out the trash. if i have to. but only if i have to.

don't think buz doesn't bring that up every so often.

cut me some slack. he totally caught me off guard.

what was your exact response when your husband proposed?

buz, i love you so much! will i continue spending the rest of my life with you?



Jennie said...

What a sweet proposal story!

Um, unfortunately, my answer was, "Can you ask me after dinner?" Go here to read the whole story:
So embarrassing, yet typical of me.

Franklin5 said...

Oh, Janet.

Would you be at all surprised if I told you that I'm a total weeper when it comes to proposal stories?

And that this story, in particular, is just so gorgeous and wonderful and, well, Y'ALL, that I'm now a mess at 9:30 in the morning?

Well, it's true. Loved, loved reading this. Thank you so much for sharing it all.

And as for how I responded when I heard the big question?

You'll have to ask Trey, because I only remember stammering random syllables and being completely incapable of conversation for the rest of the evening.

In retrospect, I'll bet Trey wishes he had asked me after we'd gone to dinner, because I just stared at him like a deer in headlights for most of the night.

But I was a HAPPY deer, I remind him now.

Happy seventh anniversary to you and Buz. We wish you a lifetime of happiness, health and wonderful stories.

boomama said...

Love this story.


Not as good as "sure," but close. :-)

Happy anniversary, you two crazy kids!

R said...

We were at a concert and I wasn't even looking at him when he asked, but I thought he was kidding and just said something to the tune of "yeah, whatever". Then I happened to look down because he hadn't said anything snarky back to me (we're very sarcastic and dry-humored with one another), and lo and behold he was holding a ring. Nice on my part, right?!

Marino said...

Happy 7th, love, love your proposal story!!! You know I just said the traditional "YES, yes I'll marry you!"....among lots of tears & thoughts of "it's about DAMN time!" running through my head. I think Cdog and I actually went over to your apartment later that night after our proposal to tell you the good news...such fun times!

P.S. How did Goo respond to the "new" blankie?

Anonymous said...

a delightfully happy seven years to you both!

what a great story and how cute is the pciture of the two of you?!

my response, was a scream in a dark but very candlelit room. "YES!!" and then a jumping up and climbing on poor Pete hanging on to him for dear life. he finally asked when I had calmed down, "don't you want to look at the ring?"

Oh yeah, the ring!

Alana said...

I loved the proposal story! I was confused at first, I didn't realize it was from the past.

Our proposal story is on my blog somewhere, but I'm not sure where. I'm not currently up to researching the subject. sorry!

I do wish I had it penned from my perspective at the time. I imagine that would be quite a hoot to read!

Big Mama said...

Love this story. So sweet!

Janelle said...

Oh, this is just the best story ever. I can feel the love you have for each other.

Also, I whooped when I saw the name Davis. We are thinking about that...only for a boy.