Friday, December 28, 2007

oh yeah, it's going to be a frozen tundra alright

so last night, the nighttime process had begun. and yes, it is a process. you out there...with four-year-olds. you know what i'm talking about, right? goo was down for the count. big h had a minor issue with the bath. long story. we read two storybook theaters stories. thank you, ms. wiz, for the fabulous Christmas present. ready to go to bed. had to say night night to daddy. daddy hugged him and reminded him that mommy and daddy were going on a trip and that we would be back in a couple of days. he hugged daddy back and said, "daddy, i will miss you. will you bring me a present?"

we've instilled values. true values.

so this morning, i woke up at 3:50 in the morning.


bless my heart. bless buz's heart.

surprisingly, i was so put together that i had set our coffee pot to start making me a cup of coffee at 4:30. took my shower, dried my hair, put cute clothes on, put the rest of my stuff in our suitcase.

and made coffee for myself.

you might be wondering why i'm such a selfish wife. with all my not making buz coffee. seems buz wanted a professionally-made egg nog latte.

i can't compete with that.

we got to the airport. got checked in. got seated. talked about how we were by ourselves. and then, we just talked about how we were by ourselves some more.

we arrived safely in chicago. oh, and thank you, God, for the beautiful december 28th gift. yeah, that snow fall? yeah, that's the one. thanks.

we had breakfast in the airport and dilly-dallied.

and then, we prepared to board our plane to green bay.

or not.

late. by twenty minutes. ok. no big deal.

delayed some more. no problem. we're child-free right now, so we're not stressing.

some issues with the flight attendant. we're relaxed people.

delayed again. this flight that was scheduled to leave at 11:30 wasn't leaving at 11:30. did i mention that we got to our gate at 8:45?

there was waiting, waiting, and more waiting.

finally, an announcement came over the loud speaker stating that "we can't found out pilot. he seems to be missing. we will announce the flight once we locate him."

never a good sign.

they call another pilot. is that easy? calling pilots? just to see if they can come in to work?

we finally board at 1:15. de-ice. more fuel. more de-icing.

depart at 3:00. arrive in green bay at 4:00.

long day. but you know why it was so worth it? we arrived to falling snow. already five inches laying on the ground with the sole purpose of us walking in it.

twenty-seven degrees. dreary. ahhh...just the way we like it.

we had a delicious dinner . buz had some wings that basically sent him over the edge. he was so on his own little cloud nine. i had myself an apple spice ale. still have the taste in my mouth, and i'm still smiling.

then, went to a little shop that our super cute waitress told us about and got the goo a packers cheerleading outfit. because the punkin' really needs to back the pack.

tomorrow on our agenda:

sledding on fireman's hill and taking our tour of the packers hall of fame.

we are pumped.

beyond excited.

and talk about winter janet. i got reacquainted with winter buz. and i am so in love with him.


Anonymous said...

I'M in love with winter janet! so jelous of you all right now! send some pictures!

R said...

How exciting! I have family near Milwaukee. I'm jealous that you're up in that neck of the woods. And SNOW, too?! How awesome is that!!

Kelly from Montana said...

thanks for the play by plays - I hope to talk to you in person again soon! Love that dinner was at the 1st date spot for me and my cutie (just in another city). Did ShopKo and Younkers treat ya right?