Sunday, December 30, 2007

fffffrrrroooozzzzeeennnnnnnnn tundra

buz and i have had the time of our lives.

i am so, so sad that we are boarding a plane tomorrow afternoon to fly back where we don't need more than one layer, and there will be no precipitation in the air. other than rain, or something boring like that.

i tried to upload the video we did earlier tonight when it was SNOWING. but it was taking so long. and since we're on vacation and all, i decided i wouldn't spend our last night on the computer.

yesterday was by far one of the best days we've had as a couple. and since we've been together for eight years, that says a lot.

we slept in.

i'm serious. we slept in. buz not so much. but i slept until the ALARM went off. at 6:15 in the morning. i slept until 7:30 and then again until 8:30. i had so much fun knowing i was going back to sleep. i know. i don't get out much.

we had a breakfast burrito on the go and headed straight to lambeau. sorry. i should capitalize it. LAMBEAU. we went to the pro shop. took the stadium tour, which was so incredibly awesome. i know. we are on vacation, and we took a tour. dorky, probably. but we loved it so much. we had the best tour guide ever. he's been giving tours for ten years. i wouldn't be surprised if he's someone famous, and we just didn't know it. he was so awesome!

for the record, it is imperative that you make a stupid face while wearing a cheesehead.

we also went to the packer hall of fame. my dad would be so proud. i read so many plaques and was actually interested in every last one.

us in front of vince lombardi statue

we spent the majority of the day at the stadium. it really is magnificent.

us in front of of the shovelers

there is so much history in this city. and the feel of community is overwhelming. everyone is so friendly.

we ran by a couple of places to get souvenirs. buz totally won in that department. he got so many neat things. it was so fun to see him excited. really excited.

then, we went to a movie. and we sat next together. and held hands. and ate processed cheese and drank soft drinks. fairytale, really.

then, we went to a restaurant for drinks, appetizers, and atmosphere. more talking. more gazing into each other's eyes. i mean, amidst the beer and football and cheering, of course.

woke up this morning and it was like Christmas. we were both so excited. we put on our first layers. second. third. fourth. seriously, i was like the marshmallow man. or randy, ralphie's younger brother from the Christmas story.
we ate a brat with kraut at 9:00 in the morning. when in Rome.
had a great time at the tailgate.

i know you're noticing. you're noticing that fleece hat was far too big. poor me.

soaked in the ambiance of the stadium. the wonder of it all.

i'll be honest (but don't tell my mother-in-all), i secretly wish i had purchased a cheesehead to wear. but when i was choosing between a cheesehead hat and a fleece cap, i realized today was all about warmth and comfort. not style, fashion, or peer pressure. and for someone who loves cold weather, let me tell you. it was SO FREAKING COLD out there. freaking. cold. like goes through your very skin cold. and again, for ME to say how cold it is. that's big, people.

we sipped on hot cocoa, sat close under a warm, packer blankie, and watched us some brett favre. oh brett favre.

and let me give a HUGE shout out to jason and jill and their parents for the incredible seats. we were close enough to get on television. except i wasn't wearing a bikini or cheesehead or animal fur. because apparently, that's what gets you on tv.

snow flurries and fifteen degrees. doesn't get much better than that.

stayed at the stadium afterwards just to soak in the memory of it all. headed back to our hotel where i proceeded to literally fall on the bed into a deep slumber. shoes and fourteen layers still on.
woke up and we headed to fatzo's for some dinner. brought it back to the room. changed into comfies and ate on the bed and recapped the highlights of our day. so excited about how much fun we've had. sad to leave it all. but honestly, we're ready to get back to see our munchkins and ring in the new year with nana. we're going to kick it tomorrow night. two parents of toddlers and nana. you can't get any crazier than that.


Jill said...

Oh, we here at Casa de Wade are so envious!! And so glad ya'll are having some fun!! But quick question, the people in the tailgate picture - do you know those folks? Or is there just that much love up in GB?

R said...

LOVE it! Sounds like us when we vay-cay in Wisconsin with my mom's fam. Makes me want to get away alone with my honey!! With a 2 y/o and a one-month-old, that ain't happenin' any time soon...

Alana said...

YAY!!! That was so much fun to read. Glad you guys enjoyed your time away!

Happy New Year!

Nicole said...

We live in the Midwest & the cold is getting a little old for me already. I'm cracking up at how you looked forward to it so much. But really, you can't watch football in shorts and a t-shirt - it's gotta be at least chilly!

Janelle said...

That sounds like so much fun! It is great that you find a way to keep your marriage fun, fun, fun!

dawn said...

Loved this post. We are big football fans too. My oldest son LOVES Brett Farve. SO glad you had this fun experience!