Tuesday, May 06, 2008


love languages, people.

let me tell you how buz speaks mine. every year on our anniversary we head to a mexican restaurant. it only seems fitting.

and for any of you who know buz, you're probably shaking your head in disbelief due to his large crowd overstimulation issues.

we headed to the place in town with by far THE BEST salsa. ever.

you think i'm kidding. i'm not.

i'm not normally one to talk about food that much on here. but seriously, people. this salsa? manna. from above.

i met him there. goo gets ULTRA SAD when buz is home for less than half an hour. which is what would've happened last night.

fortunately, he was able to sit at a table and wait for me. do you guys (who have been married a while) still get giddy when you see your husband across the room?

i do.
see why?

we ate salsa, guacamole made "live" at our table, and queso. let me give a side note. i'm not sure hee whole guacamole "live" is really all that it's cracked up to be. i mean, isn't it just made it in front of you instead of back in the kitchen. whatever. just an opinion.

then, we ordered fajitas.

stop janet. stop talking about food.

let's just say everything was delicious.

then, after dinner, his exact words were, "so, do you want to run to old navy or somewhere just to look around?"

seriously, have you read this book?

so we did just that. we walked around DSW. and i touched about one hundred and forty-seven pairs of shoes. because i was without little people. then, we went to old navy. and get seated for this one.

i tried clothes on.

i believe the last time i tried clothes on was 2001.

it was crazy and surreal. oh, and while i was touching every article of clothing or accessory, i talked. just talked and talked and talked. in fact, i finally had to comment that i just could. not. stop.


we stopped at sonic and got drinks. headed home, got in our jammies, fixed popcorn, and watched a movie. not the best movie, but holding hands and hanging out with my man. i can't express how giddy i felt.

and if anyone had told me that last night would be an IDEAL way to spend my anniversary, i would've laughed in their face.

i'm a homebody. i own it.

but then, we opened our present to each other (with $$ pitched in from his parents). and my parents gave us a one-time house cleaning (angels in heaven singing praises) and a lawn guy to clean out our backyard leaf mountains (buz crying tears of joy).

the rumor is true. buz and i live on the edge.


boomama said...

Y'all are adorable.

Janelle said...

Your night sounds like my kind of night. Mexican food, shopping, movie, Wii, and a clean house. What more is there???

I could almost smell the fajitas. I must go get me some.

Chrys and Mike said...

am craving salsa now.

happy anniversary, friend. so glad you guys had a fun night out.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a perfect evening to me :)
Mary B

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It sounds perfect to me.
Why can you 2 not live next door?
Was I making it up that ya'll weren't sipping margaritas with your fajitas? I didn't think those people existed anymore. It's refreshing.
Anyway, you guys are adorable.


Anonymous said...

you will LOVE the wii! we got one for Christmas & it has provided HOURS of entertainment for us and for the boys...especially during the cold winter days here in CA when we wouldn't dare take a step outside :)

Happy Anniversary!

Alana said...

Um. Would your parents adopt me? All I want for Mother's Day is a clean house. Can someone please tell me husband??

Seriously, though, my kind of date night.

Nicole - Life in Progress said...

"do you guys (who have been married a while) still get giddy when you see your husband across the room?"

Why yes. Yes I do.

Not to mention, you gotta love a man who speaks your love language.

And even though I'm not Southern, I have to second BooMama's comment - Ya'll really are adorable!