Friday, May 30, 2008

may 19. really? may 19?

was the last time i had anything to say?


as for my little "blog break" (as the big kahunas refer to it), it wasn't that intentional. sometimes i really just don't have anything to say.

i mean, the only thing i could've come up with would've been:

post title: only in texas.

post material: only in texas is the "live" ronald mcdonald hispanic. speaking spanish, of course.

but that's not really worth much.

plus, last week was spent getting ready for my BEST FRIEND EVER to come to town. normally, we see each other about once a year or once every other year. it's pathetic really. but home girl just keeps getting pregnant and having babies. ok, i do to. but she decided to do it one more time. while buz and i have retired from the whole pregnancy/new parent thing.

well, she left me a comment on here about a month ago that alluded to her coming to visit. i emailed her threatening her life if she was joking.

she wasn't.

she had frequent flyer miles and wanted to use them to come see me. totally honored. but totally honest with her that i wouldn't have any "time off." and she was fine with that. i think her exact words were, "they're not my kids." and so...

(prepare yourself. you know how i love a good play-by-play. exciting or not. usually not.)

she came into town thursday afternoon. we played earlier in the day at a local mall. because, well, that's what big h, goo, and i do. that's our thing, really. we had planned it perfectly. we would leave the mall at 1. let the kids nap in the car on the way to the airport. get there about a half hour early. play at airport. and wait for her to arrive. with signs, of course. well, her flight was delayed. and we live a LONG way from the airport. so we left the mall when we thought we would and got to the airport about THREE HOURS before she was supposed to land. they slept for a good hour, which was awesome. but the fact that we couldn't just go home but had way too much time to spend at the airport. not to mention the toll we would rack up by being at the airport that long.

so i did what any good, creative SAHM would do. took them to the mall close to the airport.

nope. not kidding.

they had an awesome time. we walked the entire thing. and it is a HUGE mall.

so we got to the airport. and they had a great time. guessing they've never been before to pick anyone up. i mean, we've flown. but never just hung out at the airport. we all had a blast.

and then...i saw her get off the plane. big h was out of control excited about holding the sign that read, "hey kelly, this is my stister." (note: kelly had never met goo. sad. i know.)

when she got off, it was like we had just seen each other yesterday.

side note: i met kelly at a slumber party in third grade. all of the other girls were in the family room watching some movie that we weren't interested in and talking about boys (yuk!). and so the two of us laid in our sleeping bags in the living room and gabbed until the wee hours of the morning. (i used the word gabbed intentionally. it was cool to "gab" back then. trust me.)

anyway, we left the airport and headed home. we fed big h and the goo and put them to bed. and by we, i really mean we. buz worked late, and she basically filled in as the role of the dad.

they got to sleep and we made a delicious salad, and buz brought up route 44 dr. peppers for us. she's a fellow dp gal. and then, i kid you not. we all crawled up in our bed and watched grey's anatomy and had snacks. all three of us. was one of the most favorite days of all time.

friday morning is always donut friday with big h before school. and with kelly here, it was no different. she got donuts too. and we took big h to school and he introduced kelly to his teachers.

we came home and played with goo until her nap. and then we sat on the couch and talked. and talked. and talked. oh dear, did we ever do some talking. we got big h from school and headed to chick-fil-a for some afternoon playtime and snacks. and did some more talking. then, we dropped both kids off at home with my mom and headed out for some serious girl time. haircuts, pedicures, sunglasses shopping, and dinner. a girls' night out, if you will.

i'm salivating even now as i think about the salsa. the salsa that i couldn't. stop. eating. what is with me and salsa? geez.


after (clearly, i'm a risk taker. can't you see all the big differences in my 'do?)

ahhh...this feels so good. i am soooo relaxed. feel free to take a picture of me and my cute, little pregnant belly.

yikes, she just spiked the temperature of that water. must. look. at my feet to make sure there are no burns.

biscuit. and no, her name isn't really biscuit. but you know me and my obsession with nicknames.

and memorial day appears to be a time when EVERYONE goes out of town or has plans. because our little girls' night out in honor of kelly's presence was a dinner for three. but literally it couldn't have been any more fun. biscuit. thank you so much for coming. you made our evening.

the next morning, i had plans to take some pictures for a friend of mine as well as another family. so she came with me. and we ran a couple of errands in between. and that's how the rest of our saturday could be summed up -- errands.

well, errands and buz. because without buz, there would've been no errands. buz, are a dream come true.

people, we ran some hard core errands. the kind where you run in and out of a store in a matter of sixty-three seconds? and then, the kind where you touch every last thing in the store. she got maternity clothes. i got non-maternity clothes. we went to the outlet mall. we returned things. exchanged things. bought things. looked at things. all while doing loads and loads of talking. and well, of course consuming MASS quantities of dr. pepper.

don't tell her OB.

saturday night, we brought dinner home for everyone and put the little kids to bed and watched a movie. (big sigh. dan in real life. anyone seen it? ugh. talk about a beating. sorry, kelly.)

sunday was church, which was chock (is that how you spell that? me out) full of awesome worship music! and surprisingly enough, somehow we were able to get out one more time to run more errands. i know. that buz -- he's marvelous, really. sunday night was more food and movies (juno again).

monday, kelly and i took the kiddos out to play. we ended heading out to my parents' house to have a memorial day meal. oh, and on the way there, big h announced that he might like to stay the night.

{did you just hear the pin drop?}

never has he EVER wanted to stay anywhere other than our house. two times, he has stayed somewhere without us. once with his cousins when buz was in the hospital and goo was four weeks old. and once when his other cousins were in town and were all staying at my parents' and he wanted in on the action.

and he did it. he stayed at their house all by himself and had a great time. even stayed in his own room without fear. big h, you rock the house, dog.

and then, tuesday was the dreaded departure day. we hadn't picked up big h yet, so it was just the girls. and when kelly got out of the car at the airport, goo cried, "she she." she gave kelly the nickname of "she she," and she was so sad when she left. i was too.

clearly, my children suffer from stranger anxiety.

see? stranger anxiety at its peak.

and since tuesday, i have been mentally preparing myself for today...big h's last day of school.

big h's UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING preschool teachers.

i don't know who will be more sad. him or me. but monday we start our marathon of swim lessons. prayers of miracles will be lifted up by me and many others. that big h would finally learn to freaking swim, for pete's sake.

and that is why i haven't posted in a while.

i love you, kelly. we miss you!


Anonymous said...

It's just all too much Janet!! TOO MUCH!!
I think of all these witty comments (?) and then I'm like "there's more?!!" and then I keep reading and then I forget because, you know, the nursing and the lack of sleep(That's my works.)

I'll give it a good try though:
1. Your hair!! LOVE IT! I was so supposed to get mine cut on Friday but - nevermind, this isn't my blog.
2. Dan in Real Life - TOTAL beating! But really, YOUR family doesn't do aerobics together on the front lawn? Really Janet?

(okay, mine either...)
3. hmmm...I forgot...
OH YEAH! How sad (maybe) that you didn't have my number because I live close to the big airport (relatively). Anyway. Now I sound like a stalker. Not really the image I am after....

4. Swim lessons.
I think Luke is a total fish.
Ben? He just got *kind of* comfortable with the sprinkler.
Like looking at it. From a distance.
I'll stop now. I'm getting ridiculous.

Nice that you're back, but sounds like an awesome time with your friend.

Anonymous said...

loved loved loved this play by play!! so fun to see pics of you & Kel...i need to try to get down to MT to see her SOON. we leave for OK in 6 weeks. I want to go before then. How blessed are we to have these precious friends we've known for 25 years who we can not see for a year & a half & just pick up where we left off. I LOVE that! chat soon...

R said...

I live very close to the airport, too!

I let out a big ol' "Awwwwww!" when I saw the photo with "Biscuit". I miss you guys and wish we hadn't moved from P-town so soon!

Jenna said...

Yay for a update on The Wisners! I think I was having withdrawls. So glad you had some good times with the BFF!

And those picture of the kids...I think you know what I have to say about that. My feelings on the EXTREME cuteness are well-known. :)

Hope your day today got better! Oh, how I wish I lived in Texas so I could come hang with your kids and you and Buz could have a fun night out. And then of course the next night, Buz would have to keep them so WE could hang out. I have a strict policy about that. :)

Alana said...

I'm a big risk taker with haircuts, too. Really love yours, though. The risk paid off ;-)

I had so much fun with you and Kelly even if it was vicariously through your blog post!

Does Big H go to the big K next year or does he have one more year of preschool??

BethAnne said...

Hey! I found you through Alana (and through through the mail with my bright green flip flops!!!). Thank you so much. They are very comfortable and since I dont have very many things that are that shade of green, I will be forced to go an purchase at least 2 tops to go with them. I cant thank you enough. ;-)
I am getting worried, because I sent yours out a long time ago and have not heard whether you have received them or not. I sent my dad a pair of Crocs for fathers day a few yrs ago and he got them a month later---yikes! Please let me know if you have recieved them yet. Thanks!!!!1

Janelle said...

Sounds like you had a blast with your BFF. I love those friendships that feel like time never passed.

And the shopping and salsa doesn't hurt either!

Nicole - Life in Progress said...

Oh, good girl fun - how I love thee. There's just not much better than that!

And thanks for your comment about Charlotte's cast. But, I have to say "Puh-Lease!" to your comment about goo. 'Cause I totally stole the "rockstar" line from you. I've read about all goo's misadventures with ALL THE DOCTORS - she's a trooper!!

Jenna said...

Ok, can I just get it out there that I enjoy you GREATLY!! Your comments make my day, my friend. Hope you are having a wondeful afternoon!

Chrys and Mike said...

oh, love all your details. so glad you had a great time w/ your friend.

and dan in real life? a TOTAL beating! my sister thinks i'm crazy but i nearly fell asleep. the funniest part of the whole movie was "yeah....well, this corn is an angel". i'm always on the lookout for a new vegetable movie quote.