Friday, May 02, 2008

great second basemen of our time

Rod Carew

Rogers Hornsby

Bill Mazeroski

Joe Morgan

Jackie Robinson

Ryan Sandberg

Buz Wisner

and now….big H.

apparently, the roster is out for this sunday's game. and little man is going to be guarding second base.

or chasing butterflies.

will report back to you.

(and for the record, other than buz and big h, i have never even heard of the above mentioned names. shhh...don't tell buz.)


Alana said...

I'm glad you added that last bit, cuz I've never heard of any of those others, either. Go Big H...I have a feeling second base will never be the same!

jenny said...

come on...Jackie Robinson?? Surely you've heard of him :-)

Good luck at the big game Big H!!

Janelle said...

OK. The belt. Cracks me up!!

He is definitely cuter than all those other men. To me, that makes him the greatest!

Jenna said...

Go Big H!! Hope the game was great and you caught some balls and/or butterflies to your heart's content!

He's such a little sweet face!