Friday, May 09, 2008

not quite professional material

not yet, anyway.

big's first baseball/t-ball game was last sunday. sunday was a very, very busy day. church in the morning. home for a while. back to church for mama's baptism. and then off to a baseball game.

on a dirt field. not a grass one.

with a baseball cap on. not a helmet.

with a blue shirt that matched everyone else's. not his t-shirt of choice.

can you see where this is going? please tell me you can see where this is going.

basically dad had to bribe him with a horn for his bike if he played. if he played, people. clearly, some of the enthusiasm was gone.

he was so NOT in the game at all. he was up to bat. hit the ball. ran the bases. and when it was time to field? well, he played with dirt. or caught butterflies. or got into four-year-old arguments with another player. on his own team. while the game was going on.

tomorrow is another game. Lord help us. goo and i are staying home for this one.

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Jenna said...

Precious boy! I love the pic of him running. Not professional--whatever!

I've said it before and I'll say it again--cutest kids ever.

Janelle said...

I know what the problem is...The CUBS hat. In this house, that's a bad thing!

We shall send you a Cardinal's hat today. That will turn his career around, pronto!

Other than that, he is just perfect.

Anonymous said...

well, even if he was less then thrilled about the actual game, he looks so cool. the uniform is fabulous and he wears it well. and from the hit and run i saw it looks like he was a very important part of that team. you cannot beat a fast runner. period.

wads and bob said...

Ok, that slideshow is totally adorable! Love it..way to go, Big H!

Aimee said...

The pic of him running is the BEST! WOW!

Alana said...

My youngest was so not interested in Tball last summer. We'll see how he does this year. He is currently "playing" soccer and loving it, but mostly he just runs around following the group...I'm not sure he even knows there is a ball on the field.