Monday, May 19, 2008

a meme...or whatever.

a meme? what's that, you ask?

i have no idea.

(prepare yourself. i'm about to get all technical and stuff.)

apparently, i answer the same questions the person who "tagged" me answered.

i'm laughing as i write this out.

i'm also laughing at the whole concept of twitter. but that's another story. seriously. between twitter and facebook and blogging and texting. when do you people accomplish anything? or let your legs and bottom heal from all the decubitus that has occurred from all the sitting? at your computer? and how do you not wreck your car from all the things you're doing on your phone? besides, you know, TALKING?

whew. got that off my chest.

i know. i'm old. and nerdy. and not very high-tech. with my desktop and my cell phone that doesn't do anything other than call people. and fit nicely in my back pocket. and doesn't require a leather carrying case.

seriously. i have issues.

anyway. the meme.

colored with memories "tagged" me, and i decided to be a good sport.

4 things i was doing 10 years ago (1998):
  1. walking or riding my bike to class
  2. eating a gyro (with lots of cucumber sauce) and drinking a cherry pepsi at zorba's with my one and only friend in grad school. you think i'm kidding. i'm not. seriously. i had ONE friend. and she reads this blog. angela -- what's up? oh, and the cherry pepsi. it's true. why i decided to stay there without dr. pepper on tap, i'll never know.
  3. getting ready to move to where i was going to do my clinical.
  4. dreaming about marrying the guy who sat in front of me at church. bless my heart. he didn't know i did more than exist, and really the only two things i knew about him were that he knew the Lord and that he drove a sweet explorer. clearly, i'm deep. and look for substance in a future husband.

4 things I was doing 5 years ago: (2003):

  1. working as a social worker in a women's hospital
  2. walking around with a little pregnant belly (2 mos. pregnant with big h) but having such a fun time shopping for maternity clothes. who knew i would grow to despise those maternity clothes?
  3. moving into our current house.
  4. pretending i was too pregnant to do any of the moving in. poor buz. i had him hook, line, and sinker.
4 things I did yesterday:

  1. cuddled with the goo, who had a 102.8 fever.
  2. walked to the park with both of my kids and my husband (before knowing that goo had a 102.8 fever).
  3. planned my menu for the next two weeks. seriously. BY FAR the thing about being a wife and mom that i DETEST the most. but if i don't do it, we eat out every night and then don't have enough money to pay the electric bill.
  4. did three loads of laundry. probably the one thing i LOVE the most about being a mom and wife. other than vacuuming. if i could keep a clean house and have meals magically prepared just by doing laundry and vacuuming, i would be a much happier camper.
4 shows I love to watch:

  1. grey's anatomy. though, i'm growing weary of the meredith/derek thing. rose? we don't need rose in this scene. we need meredith to grow in her therapy and realize that we NEED her with mcdreamy. there's a reason he's known as mcdreamy. hello, meredith? have you LOOKED at derek lately? (swoon)
  2. the office. again. i need. more. jim and pam. and i do NOT need lame cliffhanger season finales.
  3. bachelor. don't laugh. i know no one stays together. but i love it. and i LOVED matt and shayne. even though lorenzo lamas has had so much work done on his face that i didn't recognize him from his falcon crest days. when i watched that and trapper john, md. with my mom. after my bath. and after i practiced my spelling words.
  4. what not to wear. because somehow these people find it ok to think that NO MORE in their life will they wear t-shirts and jeans. not trouser jeans. just jeans. they convince you that everyday you must wear trousers or bermuda shorts, a nice shimmery cami, and a blazer. in texas. in the summer. whatever. they must live up north. oh, and buz will tell you. i only watch the first five minutes and the last five minutes. don't have the attention to watch the rest of the show.
4 things I love to do:

  1. snuggle with big h in the morning when his toes are like ice cubes, and gooby isn't awake yet. and we watch fireman sam. and i use the word 'we' loosely. i may or may not have my eyes open during fireman sam.
  2. have date night with buz every saturday night. it looks like this: rent a movie. watch it in bed while eating take out, usually from pei wei where we order the same thing and have done so since big h was born. we're creatures of habit. (bff, i know you're chuckling.) and then we break out our soft drinks and snacks. (mine is always something sour and his is something chewy. but not chocolate for either of us. we're not really that big into chocolate. i know. gasp.)
  3. pick big h from school. i love his hug. i love the emotional reward. i'll admit it.
  4. hugging goo in the morning when she wakes up. she's a limp noodle and puts her head on your shoulder and is a warm as a morning biscuit. mmm...

i'm not tagging anyone. i don't play by the rules. i live on the edge.

and you know me. i can't post without some form of picture.


Anonymous said...

I haven't read it all, but I had to say that my cell phone doesn't do anything but ring and call and fit nicely in my back pocket as well.
I picked it out special (it was hard to find...)
See?? We were made to be friends :-P Please let the size thing go ;-)

And, crazy cute kids. For real. I would be taking pictures all the time.

Anonymous said...

okay, I read it all:
there's more, the menu thing?? I'm right there with ya. We should each plan ONE a month. And share the other :-P
LOVE to vacuum. HATE moving all the stuff out of the way to vacuum. You know, the legos, the blocks, the cars.
LOVE DOING laundry. HATE the folding and the putting away. When mom's in town she folds. She loves to fold.
What Not to Wear - I have to watch Nick and Carmindy. They can come have their way with my face and hair anytime.

That is all.
(See, I answered half of it anyway.
I am pathetic)

Chrys and Mike said...

so here's my proposition: we get a big house and move our families in together. you do all the laundry and i'll cook. i don't mind the actual washing and drying--but the folding and putting away?!? it never happens. mike is constantly searching through clean clothes in laundry baskets for something to wear. ugh.

and if it weren't for roomba? my bff roomba? don't ask.


Colored With Memories said...

Thanks for being a good sport...I knew if there was anyone who could take a meme and make it funny, it'd be you.

I'm totally with you on your Grey's Anatomy comment!

Jenna said...

Loved this! You are too funny.

And I wanted to comment on several things in this post, but unfortunately after seeing those pics at the end all I can think about is how UNBELIEVABLY PRECIOUS those babes are! Goodness gracious.

Hope the goo is feeling better!

Aimee said...

Too funny! I was all ready for the 10 years ago to be about sitting in Madame Smith's class and then I realized that has been more like 15 years! YIKES, where did the time go!

I love morning babies - the soft, warm, heavy bodies. Ohhhhh. . . .

Amy Olivarez said...

OK--had to comment on The Bachelor---pretty sure after 8 years of NO cable, we finally got cable and a DVR--I am now obsessed and watch programs that I never watched before (after the girls are snuggled in their beds). Anyways, Shayne's mom TOTALLY freaked me out--did you see her? SCARY!!!! I love them together too, but hope Shayne NEVER ends up like her mom!!!

Amy O.

Jenna said...

You are the best! Thank you so much for the comment over at the blog. :) TOO sweet. I wish I lived in Texas--I feel that I could benefit from your humor and knowledge in my everyday life. :)

wads and bob said...

LOVE the pic of goo in her helmet...she is obviously trying to keep up with her older brother! Glad to hear the date night tradition still lives on...

Life In Progress said...

Just wanted to say you are not alone with your PC & cell phone that is only used for you know, talking on the phone. I'm right there with you.

Oh, and I may or may not have my eyes open during the Little Einsteins we watch when Caroline crawls in bed with me in the morning. I totally get you on that one.

Alana said...

decubitus? I don't know about bed sores, but I do get a little numb from all the sitting ;-)

Oh, and if you come do my laundry, I'll do your meal planning.