Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mother's day

don't mind me. i'm just hip. with my laptop and all. (for the record, i don't have a laptop. buz does. he's the cool one.)

speaking of buz, let's talk about His Awesomeness. it's mother's day, and guess where i am? at my parents' house. without my parents. translates: by myself. alone. no little people. no people, period.

basically, he said the other day, "hey, i can either buy you something or you can have the day off.'"

guess what i chose?

now, before you go judging me on the fact that i am not with my children on mother's day. know that buz knows me better than anyone, and he knows that for me to be a great mom, i need downtime. and downtime is quiet and full of solitude. it's something i don't have much of. i definitely have more than some. because buz recognizes the need for it.

last night, i went to a womens' event with one of my buddies. then, i headed to my parents' house. it just so happens that they are out of town seeing my brother. so instead of spending money on a hotel, i stayed at their house for the night. (and spent money at the Gap instead.)

this morning, i woke up at (gasp) NINE O'CLOCK. and that was to the sound of buz calling me.

and once i was ready to head out the door, i had a list. a LONG list of things to do. oh, how i heart a good to-do list. i know it doesn't sound relaxing to some. but to me? bliss. to walk in and out of a store? without strollers or car seat dramas. and not just one store. many stores. and the funny thing? i'm not necessarily a shopper. i just really, really like to run errands. i come by this naturally. (read: my mom's a professional errand runner and taught me everything i know.)

my destinations for today included but were not limited to: gap outlet, old navy, michael's, marshall's or tj maxx (whichever happens to be closer), container store, staples or office depot, and ikea.

i have goose bumps just writing it down.

i did everything i set out to do. and you know what? i came home early.

why wouldn't i?

i love being a mommy.

and p.s. i got presents from big h and the goo. hand-picked. goo got me a book about trucks in the shape of a truck. for us to read together at night. and big h got me a microphone. no idea. but he colored me a picture. of him, goo, and me. at the donut store. see why i came home early?


R said...

time alone? waaaay better than any tangible gift. lucky you! happy mom's day.

Raquel said...

what a great way to spend the day! i got to take a 4 hour nap, and no on ecame in to wake me becasue they needed a snack or becasue they were fighting. pure.bliss.

oh and by the way I am delurking myself i have been reading for a long time =)

Unknown said...

Sounds like a fabulous Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

what a great day.
that's on my list for next year :-)
Happy mothers day to you!
sweet kids. I could eat them up :-)

Alana said...

Yeah, I totally would have picked the day off. Wise choice. Happy Mother's Day!

Janelle said...

"i just really, really like to run errands."

Reading that line gave me the hives. I have never met anyone who likes to run errands. I was instantly cured when I saw your list of places to visit. You would have totally lost me if it said, post office, pharmacy, grocery store, wal-mart.

Sounds like you had the day of your dreams!!

Julie ( THE Queen of TyPo'S) This chic can't spell!!! said...

Glad you had a nice mom's day. I Funny how we get excited about doing normal everyday things, just without the "peeps" LOL