Monday, May 05, 2008

happy cinco de mayo

or happy kentucky derby day, too. in our case.

seven years ago today i said i do to the most amazing guy. oh, you know who i'm talking about.

this guy.

he's delicious. that buz o' mine.

some colorful thoughts about this day.

  • cinco de mayo for a reason. so he wouldn't forget. oh, i kid. but really. smart, huh?
  • i had lot-a-burger for lunch. with french fries. and possibly the largest dr. pepper you have ever seen. with my best friend. big occasion calls for fine cuisine.
  • i have never had so much fun putting on makeup. anyone who knows me is laughing out loud right now. because, well, i don't actually wear makeup. so i had my best friend put it on. clearly, she had a lot of responsibility that day.
  • my flower girl and i walked down the aisle at the same time. not on purpose. saved buz from the typical groom's tears, though.
  • i high-fived my dad on the way back down the aisle once we were married. and my dad is so not the high-five type.
  • the top layer of our wedding cake fell off. i didn't know about it.
  • the first song for everyone to dance to (after all the "required" dances) was christina aguilera's genie in a bottle. i know. nice. klassy with a K. all about family friendly. (seven years later, and buz is still talking about it.)
  • buz and i took a month and a half of dance lessons before we danced to "our song." buz was very serious about making this the best it could be. he's a concentrator. and when the song started, it was the dance remix version of the song. seriously. note to self: make a note to future brides to let the DJ know that no dance remixes allowed at a wedding reception. who knew there was such a thing? not buz. not me.
  • when buz and his mom (aka ms. wiz) did "their" dance, his dad (who i am madly in love with) and i went out in the middle of the song and cut a rug. he is so frank sinatra, and the two of us were kind of showing them up. we still joke about it. well, i mean, dick and i still joke about it. :)
  • i had my garter made. out of green bay packer fabric.
  • we had to get our photographer out of the buffet line to take our outdoor pictures.
you know what i remember most about may 5 2001? buz. my family. my closest friends. and others there to celebrate the beginning of something really wonderful.

i love you, buz. i actually thought that on that day, it wasn't possible to love you more. guess what? it is.

this was right before going into the hallway to head to the altar. obviously, i was nervous. or not. i was so pumped and could. not. wait.

buz had no idea he was going to have to carry around all my stuff all the time. little did he know.

the infamous outdoor picture. the one that where we got our photographer out of the buffet line. and look at buz? how handsome is he? va va va voom...

and we're off. "say cheese, mr. and mrs. wisner."

come again? mr. and mrs? honeymoon? wait...are we married?


R said...

as always, you were absolutely radiant! have you ever had a zit in your life?

we were married in '01 also, in november.

Big Mama said...

Happy Anniversary!

Jenny said...

Awww! Happy Anniversary :-)
You are such a cute couple. You've inspired me to go scan some of my wedding pictures.

Some other time.

Marino said...

Happy anniversary Big J and glad Cdog and I were able to share in your special day way back then & can't imagine a couple more perfect for each other than ya'll!!! Love ya sweet home friend!

Alana said...

You guys are too cute! It sounds like an absolutely wonderful day. Although, you were cracking me up about the dance remix to "your song".

Happy Anniversary!

Janelle said...

Oh, Happy Day!! What a great list of memories. I laughed at each one, especially the photographer out of the buffet line thing.

I hope you enjoyed your special day with a little Mexican feast!!

Anonymous said...

for those of us who weren't fortunate enough to know the two of you when you were just the two of you - these are such fun to see! that first picture is so you janet! you are gorgeous! and the second picture looks vintage. it's very classic as is the look on buz's face.

Jenna said...

Yay for 7 years! Very exciting, and I LOVE all the pictures. Y'all are adorable.

Aimee said...

Happy Anniversary!

You look so beautiful! Absolutely stunning.

Here's to 7 wonderful years!

Kelly from Montana said...

wow - you are gorgeous inside and out! can't wait to hang with the wisner clan!

Joe and Kelli said...

congrats! It was a joyful day and I was blessed to be part of it!
I can't believe it was 7 years ago.

PartyofFive said...

First I love your blog (I'm a lurker)! Second, happy anniversary. Our anniversary is on May 6 so we had to do a little pre wedding cinco de mayo celebrating! Love the pictures!

Life In Progress said...

So stinkin' cute! And I LOVE your wedding shoes. They are very fabulous.