Friday, May 09, 2008

this just in

so...i don't mind when people think i'm younger than i really am. in fact, i'm flattered. most get annoyed when they get "carded" at a restaurant.

not me. card me any day.

today, however, might just take the cake.

goo asleep. hear a knock at the door. in my illinois t-shirt from ten years ago. my yoga pants. and a baseball cap.

go to the door. a guy in a truck out soliciting work to trim trees and clean gutters.

tree guy: "uh, ma'am. you need your trucks cut?"

me: "excuse me?" (he didn't have the most eloquent of accents.)

tree guy: "your trees. need 'em cut?"

me: (playing the 'i just want to go take my shower and read blogs and my latest copy of real simple while having an apple with peanut butter' card) "i have no idea."

tree guy: "oh. you the babysitter?"

Dear Tree Guy,

You have no idea how you just made my day. Thank you. And no, we do not need our trees trimmed. But feel free to stop by any time.

Blushing Janet


Penelope said...

hang on to that forever! I am starting to get crows feet and I am devastated. Didn't we JUST graduate from high school? Thats what they all say....

Janelle said...

I am going to have to use that line next time we are at the store and my kids are going bonkers.

"Excuse me, I am just the babysitter."

I bet you walked a little taller in your sweats!

R said...

HA! Love that.