Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween

Thursday, October 15, 2009

the marshalls

loving facebook these days.

i can't believe i just said that.

through facebook, i got back in touch with a friend of my brother's from high school. she told me to call her if i was ever in her area. that she'd love some family pictures.

and so, we did. i had SUCH an awesome time. first, it was great just getting to see her again. i'm embarrassed at how long it's been since i've seen her. let's just say YEARS. since i saw her last, she became a wife and a mommy.

i loved her husband. wait. let me rephrase. i loved getting to hang out with her husband and watch how much he ADORES his wife and his children. and her children? super cool. i say that because they're boys, and i'm pretty sure 'darling' doesn't quite work.

but i don't know what it is lately with all of the INSANELY POLITE children i've gotten to meet. wow. there are some parents out there knocking it out of the ballpark.

we had so much fun. i met up with them downtown and we just walked around looking for fun places to play. and play, we did.

marshalls, i had a BLAST with you. thanks for letting me hang out with you guys.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

laura and her crew

on vacation, i got to go over to laura's parents' house to hang out for a little while. she has four children and is a homeschooling mama.

hats off to homeschoolers.

i whipped out my camera because all of her kiddos had their swimsuits on. we had a BALL. they showed me all of their tricks. and these kids have. some. tricks. it helps when your grandparents have a beautiful pool. no props necessary. some ear plugs. maybe some goggles. a lot of sunlight. and we were good to go.

laura, i had an awesome time with your children. they are amazing kids. thanks for sharing them with me for the afternoon.

funny (not really) story. carter's birthday was the day before i went over there. mom took pictures with her camera. with no memory card. ugh. so she just so happened to have cake left. and candles. we decided 'why not.'

Sunday, October 11, 2009

and with holiday sessions...

come holiday/Christmas cards! yipee! i am so excited i can hardly stand it. i love the designs this year and am pumped to get the Christmas season started!

april and the dentist

i'll be honest, i get nervous before sessions. like, really nervous.

this family? surprisingly, i was all nerves before spending time with them. not sure why. other than my friend who "set us up" ranted and raved about them. about how awesome mom was. what a great guy dad was. how darling little boy was but that he didn't warm up to people very quickly. and how insanely hysterical older sister was. i heard so much about them, i was nervous that it would be awkward. that I would be awkward.

now. i can't guarantee I wasn't awkward. but our time together ROCKED. i had so much fun.

little guy seemed to not want my camera in his face. which was fine. i like a good challenge. but in an effort to enjoy ourselves, i picked him up and walked around, asking him what a good spot would be. and all of the sudden, little guy? didn't want me to put him down. :) so funny. we moved from one location to the next. and little guy? cried when mama and daddy put him in the car. so funny. i loved him.

older sister? if i have any say in the matter, big h will marry her. so funny. but so much fun to talk to. kind of wish she wasn't a five-year-old. because i would so text her and let her know how much i liked her.

mom and dad were a BLAST. i kind of want to be their friends. except for the whole 'don't live in the same city' thing. rats.

all that said, we had such a fun time together. see for yourself.

mini sessions...finally's the information.

mini sessions.

they're here.

email ( to reserve your spot.

dallas area
november 7, 8

november 13-15

Friday, October 09, 2009

jennifer and family

i'm about to make a long story short.

no, seriously, i am.

a while ago, i got an email from a friend of a friend.

still with me?

she emailed several of us asking if anyone knew anything about this random town in oklahoma.

um, yes. yes, i do. in fact, i GREW UP there.

so i talked to this girl who was moving to this/my (childhood) town and told her everything i knew and hooked her up with some friends of mine.

fast forward a few months and i was going to be in town visiting my pals. and we get to meet. not only meet each other, but i get to meet her whole family.

her three boys LOVED being outside, throwing rocks, looking at the creek, playing outside on the playground, and being together.

jennifer, loved FINALLY meeting you and all your boys.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

hayden and hadley

kimberly is one of my friends from high school. we see each other every so often. definitely not often enough. but this summer, i took a vacation from my job (the mommy one). buz stayed with big h and the goo, and i got to play with friends for several days. it was heavenly.

i got to meet kimberly's kids. hayden is so polite. and let's talk about how many girls he's going to fight off when he hits puberty. this kiddo is a NICE LOOKING fella. but again...polite. loves his mama. loves his baby sister. and i'll go ahead and toot my horn...loved me? you know how i know this? because when it was time for me to leave, he whispered to his mom, "mom, can miss janet stay and watch batman with me this afternoon?" swoon.

his sister. LOVED. HER. loved her sass. loved that she actually carried on conversations with me. about princesses. and again with the whole polite thing. wow, mom, you and dad have done things right.

we had a blast together. we went to a park and played together. we ate mexican food together. we went to wal-mart and got bribe gifts together. (moms and dads, i am NOT above bribe gifts. in fact, i love them.) :)

kimberly, can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks.

Monday, October 05, 2009

sweet samuel

remember samuel? his birth? when he was a little six-month-old?

i adore this little kid. not because we see each other often. but because i watched as he came into this big world. and i adore his parents.

we celebrated his first birthday several weeks ago. we had so much fun together. i got to run around him, watching him toddle. i watched him swing with his older brothers. i watched him getting love from his sweet mama. i had the best time.

case, thanks for letting me come play.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

oh my

seriously? august? was when i last posted? bless my heart.

i'm impressed if you're still stopping by. (i.e. thank you, mom and ms. wiz.)

my unintentional blogging break has been nice. i've been going to bed earlier, staying up a little later with my kiddos, talking more with buz, and...did i mention going to bed earlier?

a lot has been going on.

first and foremost, i have survived the beginning of elementary school. notice i said I, not big h. honestly, i was never really worried about him. i did my best. but i'll tell you (and so will she) that i had a HARD TIME the first several weeks. a really, really hard time. and it was all satan. putting thoughts in my head and fears in my heart.

i love this kid.

things are better. big h has made a friend. a great kid. a really sweet little boy. praise Jesus.

goo started school. God love her teachers. the night we had parent orientation, i literally cried when i realized that she got the same teachers big h had. literally. cried. can't describe my joy. these are two amazing women who love Jesus and who love three-year-olds. need i say more? i adore them. goo loves school so much she hides under the table when i come to get her. a real morale booster for me.

i know what you're thinking. is my daughter dressed for an 80s party? no, she is not. but the way she is standing makes her look like her skirt is for an eight-year-old. and that hair. oh. my. word. blaming it on the sunlight?

shaking my head in disbelief. seriously...does this even LOOK like goo? no. the answer is no. who IS this girl?

lots of changes occurred within our family. and now we're finally feeling normal again.

so now it's OCTOBER? time for the state fair. homecoming at my alma mater. pumpkins. my oldest turns SIX YEARS OLD. and jeans. the jeans get to come back out to play. ahhh...

so i promise...there is more to come in the next couple of days. i promise. one thing...CHRISTMAS. i know. it's october. but christmas cards. i can hardly wait to start. stay tuned for dates for mini sessions. so, SO pumped!

oh, and my birthday was four days before big h started school. i turned something something years old. it was a great day. played with some friends. came home for rest time. buz decorated the living room. we *may* have had long john silvers for dinner. (don't judge.) and then buz and i hung out together once the kiddos went to sleep. it was PERFECTION. one thing i wanted for my birthday was a picture with big h and the goo. they decided they wanted to make silly faces. i was totally ok with that.