Tuesday, October 13, 2009

laura and her crew

on vacation, i got to go over to laura's parents' house to hang out for a little while. she has four children and is a homeschooling mama.

hats off to homeschoolers.

i whipped out my camera because all of her kiddos had their swimsuits on. we had a BALL. they showed me all of their tricks. and these kids have. some. tricks. it helps when your grandparents have a beautiful pool. no props necessary. some ear plugs. maybe some goggles. a lot of sunlight. and we were good to go.

laura, i had an awesome time with your children. they are amazing kids. thanks for sharing them with me for the afternoon.

funny (not really) story. carter's birthday was the day before i went over there. mom took pictures with her camera. with no memory card. ugh. so she just so happened to have cake left. and candles. we decided 'why not.'


j.ro said...

loving the tackles at the end!

Laura said...

Thanks for the awesome pictures! I can't wait to have them hanging up in my house! The BEST part was getting to hug your neck and visit with you for a little bit!