Sunday, October 11, 2009

april and the dentist

i'll be honest, i get nervous before sessions. like, really nervous.

this family? surprisingly, i was all nerves before spending time with them. not sure why. other than my friend who "set us up" ranted and raved about them. about how awesome mom was. what a great guy dad was. how darling little boy was but that he didn't warm up to people very quickly. and how insanely hysterical older sister was. i heard so much about them, i was nervous that it would be awkward. that I would be awkward.

now. i can't guarantee I wasn't awkward. but our time together ROCKED. i had so much fun.

little guy seemed to not want my camera in his face. which was fine. i like a good challenge. but in an effort to enjoy ourselves, i picked him up and walked around, asking him what a good spot would be. and all of the sudden, little guy? didn't want me to put him down. :) so funny. we moved from one location to the next. and little guy? cried when mama and daddy put him in the car. so funny. i loved him.

older sister? if i have any say in the matter, big h will marry her. so funny. but so much fun to talk to. kind of wish she wasn't a five-year-old. because i would so text her and let her know how much i liked her.

mom and dad were a BLAST. i kind of want to be their friends. except for the whole 'don't live in the same city' thing. rats.

all that said, we had such a fun time together. see for yourself.


Casey said...

are they not just TOO darling?!!!