Saturday, October 03, 2009

oh my

seriously? august? was when i last posted? bless my heart.

i'm impressed if you're still stopping by. (i.e. thank you, mom and ms. wiz.)

my unintentional blogging break has been nice. i've been going to bed earlier, staying up a little later with my kiddos, talking more with buz, and...did i mention going to bed earlier?

a lot has been going on.

first and foremost, i have survived the beginning of elementary school. notice i said I, not big h. honestly, i was never really worried about him. i did my best. but i'll tell you (and so will she) that i had a HARD TIME the first several weeks. a really, really hard time. and it was all satan. putting thoughts in my head and fears in my heart.

i love this kid.

things are better. big h has made a friend. a great kid. a really sweet little boy. praise Jesus.

goo started school. God love her teachers. the night we had parent orientation, i literally cried when i realized that she got the same teachers big h had. literally. cried. can't describe my joy. these are two amazing women who love Jesus and who love three-year-olds. need i say more? i adore them. goo loves school so much she hides under the table when i come to get her. a real morale booster for me.

i know what you're thinking. is my daughter dressed for an 80s party? no, she is not. but the way she is standing makes her look like her skirt is for an eight-year-old. and that hair. oh. my. word. blaming it on the sunlight?

shaking my head in disbelief. seriously...does this even LOOK like goo? no. the answer is no. who IS this girl?

lots of changes occurred within our family. and now we're finally feeling normal again.

so now it's OCTOBER? time for the state fair. homecoming at my alma mater. pumpkins. my oldest turns SIX YEARS OLD. and jeans. the jeans get to come back out to play. ahhh...

so i promise...there is more to come in the next couple of days. i promise. one thing...CHRISTMAS. i know. it's october. but christmas cards. i can hardly wait to start. stay tuned for dates for mini sessions. so, SO pumped!

oh, and my birthday was four days before big h started school. i turned something something years old. it was a great day. played with some friends. came home for rest time. buz decorated the living room. we *may* have had long john silvers for dinner. (don't judge.) and then buz and i hung out together once the kiddos went to sleep. it was PERFECTION. one thing i wanted for my birthday was a picture with big h and the goo. they decided they wanted to make silly faces. i was totally ok with that.


windyday said...

Yeah... you are still blogging! :) Seriously I can't seem to find the time myself. Glad to hear you guys are doing great!

Marina said...

Yeah you are back in saddle of blog world- glad to hear H is on the way to being mr popular like we knew he would:)

Colored With Memories said...

look at you and all your cards! don't you love snail mail?

you've been missed in blogworld...hope you stick around!

Jenna said...

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see your name in bold in my google you friend!!! So glad to see ya'll are doing ok and, as suspected, the children have only gotten cuter. :-) Ya'll have a great week. Love you!!!

Alana said...

I've missed you! I'm kind of back on the blogging least I think so. What a great birthday! Love that. I'm so glad Big H is settling into school. William has had a tough adjustment as well, but things are looking up. I think it just kind of rocks their world, you know? Love to you and yours! said...

i love the "all hail the bday princess" hat. i wish there was a photo with it on you! i'm glad you and big h and the goo are all surviving (for you) and enjoying (the rest) school! happy august birhday!

aimee said...

Looks like you've been so busy! Your party must have been a blast! And your kiddos are so BIG.

wads and bob said...

You 3 look like you are mourning something awfully sad as you gaze at your birthday cake! Ha! Love the pics of the kiddos!