Monday, October 05, 2009

sweet samuel

remember samuel? his birth? when he was a little six-month-old?

i adore this little kid. not because we see each other often. but because i watched as he came into this big world. and i adore his parents.

we celebrated his first birthday several weeks ago. we had so much fun together. i got to run around him, watching him toddle. i watched him swing with his older brothers. i watched him getting love from his sweet mama. i had the best time.

case, thanks for letting me come play.

5 comments: said...

the flare and wide angle under the swing took my breath away! love it!!

Casey said...

so, so, so our pleasure--we love having miss janet around :) and I promise my order will be to you asap--have to find the misplaced piece of paper w/ the ones I want on it :) love you my friend

Claire said...

I KNOW! Aren't they just the sweetest things?!! Phenomenal pics as usual!

kimberly said...

so sweet!

kimberly said...

so sweet!