Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i'm sorry. seriously?

granted. i would love for goo to have a doll house. but really?

700 big ones for a toy? that doesn't light up? or make noise? or somehow create revenue?


Anonymous said...

c'mon janet, it has a maid and butler. live a little.


(I saw that yesterday and my jaw dropped.)

Kelly from Montana said...

google "ryan's room" - way cute doll house and accessories - much more afforable. ruth has the whole deal;)

Anonymous said...

material things aren't important--think about all the rich treasures you have in family and friends---no doll house could
make up for that!!!Enjoy life and the
love you have--be thankful for family &
friends---the rest doesn't matter---there
are lots others less fortunate!

Anonymous said...

i'll whittle you one for forty bucks.

Jenna said...

Is the little girl playing with the house included? Because that is the only way I can make sense of such a high price tag. ;)

(P.S. Your comment on my blog was the sweetest thing ever. Have I mentioned lately that I heart you? No? I HEART YOU.)

Marina said...

Can just see CJ or H taking a toyhammer to the park place mansion? The only justifcation for the $700 is if it has nice adult size purse in one of the rooms:)

R said...

mmmm, yeah. my daughter will be getting the $29.99 plastic ghetto one from target. she's so deprived. :0)

Colored With Memories said...

costo has a 3 level wooden one similar to this (with a working elevator, no less!) for $80. as in EIGHTY no eight hundred!

don't let PB make you PB (poor and broke)!

Janelle said...

Oh, Janet! I have not been a very good blog friend lately. I am spending some time catching up with you. I LOVE the picture in your header. Those look like the sweetest siblings God ever made!

Sure miss you. I promise to be more faithful to the blog!

Love ya!

Courtney said...

Although it IS really cute, definitely not worth that! I saw the one at Costco today, and it is very cute.
We need to get together!!!

Life In Progress said...

"Or somehow create revenue......." Oh, girl you crack me up!

Hey, there's a little bloggy award for you on my blog. 'Cause you're super-cool.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

That is how I feel about just about every single thing at Sucker Barn.

Santa is bringing this one


It was $80 at Costco which I still think is expensive, but my destructo kids will break anything cheap.

They had this HUGE one at Costco - did you see it? It was like 4 feet by 4 feet and almost 5 feet tall. I WANTED it.

sarah's fun friend said...

material things are *so* important. you should definitely get the PB dollhouse because goo should only have the very best.