Monday, December 01, 2008

misc as usual

seems i can't get a handle on the whole "blogging on a regular basis thing."

buz is nighty-night. i am up way past my bedtime. but tomorrow is school for big h AND the goo. and i'm thinking about what i'm going to do tomorrow with my five free hours. take a nap on the couch? take a shower? pair buz's unmatched socks? maybe wander the gap? the sky's the limit, really.

let's see. what's been going on in the life with the wisners? had dinner with four fun friends. totally rad, franklin five, sugar, and amy (also referred to in our house as sarah's fun friend) for tamales and gingersnap lattes. i gotta be honest. i don't do girls' night outs very often. but every time i do, i feel so refreshed. granted, i didn't have to eat a tv dinner tonight -- that could be part of it. and i didn't have to give either kiddo a bath. but it was awesome to be with great friends and relax.

and i promised them i would post a video or two of my little man. the kid is freaking hilarious. i realize i am 100% biased. but c'mon. this spanish thing? kills you, right? i love this little guy. or "big guy" as he has corrected me since turning five.

spanish food song from janet wisner on Vimeo.

um. san diego. not going to lie. when you go to a photography workshop, prepared to learn from some of the people you admire most in "the industry," it really SUCKS when your camera breaks. your baby. your gateway to hopefully some awesome images. i told buz i SO didn't want to be known as "the girl whose camera broke." thankfully, most girls didn't even know about it. but again, in all honesty, it kind of yanked the rug out from under me. i actually ended up learning more about my character than i did photography. which was great. i used to always tell my dad that i wish God would stop "building my character." that's what he used to say when something disappointing happened to me growing up. "He's just building your character." but here i am.

my roommate? freaking rocked. and sarah? i might have even told her that i was ready to kick it roommate-style. and she didn't disown me. that's positive. met her right as i got off the plane. we took a cab together back to our hotel and hung out the rest of the day. we had a great week together. she was even able to laugh off my "choice words" when the camera died its horrible death. and still remained my friend. she's an amazing photographer who loves Jesus with everything she is. and i'm pretty sure we're going to be friends for a long time. meaghan, sure do think you're cool.

buz? yeah, he ROCKED it while i was gone. shocker. the guy is amazing. uh-mazing. and i think he had a great time. buz, you're the man.

fall janet? she's here. for now, at least. and seriously. she's so pleasant. i just love her to pieces. what constitutes fall janet, you might ask? fleece. keens. corduroy. cozy blankets at night. the lack of the a/c running. totally void of sweat.

so, hi fall janet. nice to have you here.

every so often, i try to think of words i don't use often and decide that i will work diligently to use them as often as possible. in 1999, it was millennium. buz will tell you i didn't fare too well. 2006 it was fantastic (pronounced fun-TAHS-tic with a bit of a british twist). again. not so much. while i was in san diego, i decided that my new word will be stunning. don't get me wrong. i'm trying. but it's such an extreme word. not many things can really warrant stunning, you know? but i'm really putting out an effort. what's your word?

anything else? OH! i got a cute, little award from a "friend" of mine. she's real cute. seriously. you should go over and say hello. tell her janet sent you. thanks, dude. i love my award. (and i realize that i think i've gotten some cute blog things/buttons, etc. but i forgot about them. and clearly, my blog hasn't been top on priority list lately. sorry, friends.)


aimee said...

Gotta love girls' night out!

And I'm glad that SD was a good expierence. Can't wait to see some new pics with all the stuff you've learned!

Here's hoping there's a nice new camera under the tree from Santa!

Anonymous said...

ok, so i tired to watch this on my phone after we twittered early this a.m. and no dice. didn't want to turn on the computer on and wake sleeping husband. so i had to wait all morning!

LOVE this!! my favorite? pollo is 'sicken! so fun. i love that we got a glimpse of beg h belting one out. and bless his heart with those hiccups.

last night was so much fun. must. do. again. soon.

R said...

i gotta tel ya--bloggers who don't blog every day are my heroes!

1) i don't feel like such a slacker when i don't post every day--i feel like i'm in good company


2) i can get caught up on reading other blogs!

i'm so glad you mentioned words! i love them. my word? stellar. i say it a lot, and i get funny looks. but it's still my word. :0)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

He is super cute. He and Shep would be super cute together.

Fly me up girl. I'll organize the crap out of your house. Seriously, it is way easy to clean OTHER people's houses! I am actually really good at organizing things. It's *keeping* it organized where I fail miserably.

Alana said...

Welcome back fall Janet ;-)

Personally, I think stunning could work for ya.

Meaghan Elliott said...

Roomie!!! I have been faithfully checking your blog and waiting for you to post! :) You totally crack me up! I will be a new reader of yours! I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And didn't you have a word that you were supposed to use in SD? I forget it... but thanks to you, I have a new word in my vocab...swanky ;)

Anonymous said...

I had the hiccups like that tonight trying to read bedtime stories to The Bean. She finally got up and got me her sippy cup of water she has in her bed at night and shoved it in my mouth. "Here, Mom. Have some water." Cutie!

Janelle said...

OK...thought I was going to bed but then I HAD to check bloglines. Just had to.

And I am glad I did. Seriously. That video was funny. YUM (hic) YUM!

Goo in her cheer outfit..."stunning"

Now I can sleep!

Life In Progress said...

Oh, I don't even know where to begin with all that! I think I need to read it again to fully absorb!

Big H with his hiccups? Cracked me up. Then goo standing in front of the camera repeating herself.....further proof that she and Charlotte would "kick it 2yo style" if they met in real life.

I'm sorry San Diego didn't work out the way you were hoping, but I love that you've taken something valuable from it.

Ani said...

that is totally the sweetest, cutest video ever!

Franklin5 said...

Oh. My. Word.

We are loving big H's videos so much, we're thinking of starting a Facebook fan page. "Pollo is sicken, YUM YUM... "

Girls' night was just the best. Still craving that candied ginger...

Great big hugs to you and yours. Gotta plan a playdate soon, because Carter's now jonesing for a tour of big H's super-cool toys.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl. Vicki Courtney forwarded your comment on to me. Glad to reconnect! Small world, huh? Hope you're doing well.

Shawna (Peays) Peterson

Anonymous said...

oops...forgot to leave my email in case you want to write back (no pressure) :)