Friday, April 11, 2008

fashion fiesta

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well, God help us all. yours truly is participating in a blog post about fashion.

my sweet friend, big mama, is hosting a little fashion party.

because she's cute like that.

i know.

and i got ready to start taking pictures of everything. and then that cute, little insomniac came and ruined it for me.

so i'm going to do my best with what's out there.

first, i'd like to mention that i haven't really shopped, like for outfits, since before my wedding.

seven years ago.

i did quite a bit of shopping for a certain article of clothing that as far as how much i love it, comes in a close 2nd to God and my family. seriously, k, my north face is my new best friend. i mean, as far as clothing is concerned.

but, in case i haven't mentioned it here before, i despise hot weather. despise is the nicest version of the word that comes to my mind when i am reminded of what texas' summers are. trust me -- summer janet is so NOT fun.

because if i could, this is what i would wear every. day. of the year.

i know. i'm a delicate flower.

but in the spirit of the fashion fiesta, i feel it is my responsibility to best represent what i will be wearing everyday from may until december.

oh, i kid.

may until late november.

most likely these.

or these.

and because i'm out here being honest, my wardrobe everyday, no matter what (unless it's Sunday, and i give my best to Him), these are the critical pieces.

it's femininity rolled into a ball.

seriously, people. there is no point in dressing up in the summer. it is so stinking hot (emphasis on stinking).

oh, and another tidbit. the hair is ALWAYS WORN CURLY. no sense drying it straight and having it go curly the minute we walk into the garage.

if i go on a date with my sweet buz, i usually try to go with a cute and girly top with some trouser jeans and some fun shoes. a shirt like this, perhaps.

this happens about once every four months.

and the one piece of "clothing" i never ever want to be without. and neither does my closet.

and finally, the piece de resistance. the new find for the summer. i just got it three nights ago. i say nights because that's how many times i've slept with it and its buttery leather goodness. seriously...can you smell it? can you feel it?

big mama, am lovin' your little fiesta of sorts. thanks for letting us participate. i know for sure that i've started some trends on this very night.


Keetha said...

I think NOTHING is as comfy on a cold midwest day than a fleece. I'd wear that.

BTW girl, how do you JUSTIFY wearing BOTH Oklahoma AND Illinois "gear"?
I mean - - - are you somehow "linked" to both colleges? Just wonderin'

boomama said...

Those flip flops are awesome.

I will now go on a quest to find them.

Anonymous said...

Cute Cute Cute!

Big Mama said...

Love the Converse and the Flip-flops. And now I am seriously wanting to add an I'm a Pepper! t-shirt to my wardrobe.

Waitingonyou2 said...

Too cute! Thanks for shsring.

Love the hiking boots and fleece. I'm a Bean gal, though.

Jen said...

You have excellent taste, darling. Except for the hating hot weather. Perhaps I am your polar opposite.

Janelle said...

The purse...adorable!


BooSheep said...

ahhh! Someone who agrees that summers are just to drive us crazy! I have the curly hair too... not point in straighting it if it is humid, above 70, or will curl anyway! It is good to know there are other people out there who agree! Thanks for letting us look around!


Keri said...

My friends all think I'm crazy because I hate the heat!! Glad to know there are others out there!

Casey said...

why am i not at all surprised with anything i find here??? I LOVE it! Perhaps you and I should swap locations?? Given all the snow we got this last week, I wouldn't so much mind flip flop weather. I think we have a very short summer here...and temps average in the 70's july/august. However, I hear it's not unheard of to get snow during those summer months either! I may need to make North Face my best friend!!!

Kelly from Montana said...

you, me, shopping - let's go? what are you doing memorial weekend? maybe i should drop by to distract you from the warm weather?

Alana said...

That is my kind of wardrobe, cute, functional, and comfy. What a fun post, I'm wishing now that I had done the Fashion Fiesta!

Leigh said...

I sooo want one of those brown shirts like the one pictured in date night. Where did that come from? Email me on my blog. I enjoyed stopping by your blog. I hope you will come and visit my fashion fiesta!

Jenny said...

Holy million comments batman!

Anyway, I told Ben that he couldn't play "Hop on Mom" (Hop on pop is a daily event here when daddy gets home) because "I am a delicate flower".

I knew I didn't come up with that on my own :-)

I appreciate your comments about my cute family and looking so rested. I am afraid that it's just a mask. Some makeup tips learned from "what not to wear" and favorable lighting.

I wish I could report otherwise but, alas, i am not so fortunate.

On that note, should go to bed while I have the chance!