Friday, April 04, 2008

and here we are with an anticlimactic report

it's friday, and we here at the wisner house have experienced something different and refreshing these last four days.


several consecutive uninterrupted hours of this stuff called sleep.

let's give Jesus an Amen.


i have to say. the milk detox program at Milk Anonymous has gone so well. and to be honest, i feel like that may be the answer to some of our problems.

because goo? has slept through the night four consecutive nights. i mean, sure, she's gotten up earlier than she used to before all this began. but uninterrupted sleep is magical. magical.

she's been milk free since monday morning, and every night has been great. she still cries when we put her down, but i have a feeling that may be more developmental than anything. because, really, i'm a developmental expert and all.

now, for what you've probably been waiting for. the chiropractic visit. probably the most uneventful half hour i've experienced in a while.

in a good way.

her daughter was there. same age as goo. was watching baby einstein when we got there. goo went right back to the back and introduced herself. (or not. really.) they had some magnetic darts that big h played with. so the chiro (as i like to call her) took about forty minutes to do a thorough evaluation and just talk through goo's history with me. then, she "adjusted" her daughter first so goo could watch. afterwards, she did the same with goo.

i'll be honest. i was nervous that goo was going to flip out and ruin the whole experience for herself. but her face looked as if she was getting a hot stone massage. my daughter. she's high maintenance like that.

rubbed her back. massaged her neck. and after approximately ninety-six seconds, she was finished. and got a sticker for it.

and then big h asked to have "that done."

sorry, charlie. we're not made of the green $tuff.

and that was it. we headed to mcdonalds to play with friends and have lunch. nothing to report.

see what i mean about the anticlimactic nature of the visit? but that's good, right?

and the icing on the cake. today, i took my shower while goo was napping and big h was at school. didn't realize my cell battery was dead. when i finally recharged, there were two messages from a number i didn't recognize.

dr. g. who was on vacation all week. back in the office today. just called because goo was on his mind and he wanted to check on her. (dr. g called. himself. not the nurse. or anyone else. dr. g. himself. on my cell phone.) i told him about "park angel" and then instructed him not to call CPS because i swear i wasn't smoking anything. he laughed but we talked more about the whole milk detox thing. he was on board with it and was excited to hear of her progress. honestly, i didn't tell him about chiro because i didn't want him to think i was cheating on him. plus, i felt like the time would be right once we decided to go ahead with seeing her. anyway, we had a great conversation and he was so excited about how things had been going this week.

oh, and he had a great vacation in Jamaica at his brother's wedding.


R said...

Oh, but he DOES owe you at LEAST a phone call...y'all having singlehandedly financed his vay-cay, right?! haha

Life In Progress said...

Our pediatrician (who I LOVE) once left a message on our machine to follow up on a bizarre episode with hives my oldest once had. I nearly fainted - I had no idea there were still doctors on this earth who did that. It's practically a housecall.

Glad to hear goo (& therefore you guys) is sleeping. I'm sure that makes all the difference in the world.

Carrie said...

That's so amazing that your ped called you!!! I love our pediatrician, and he's the kind of dr. who would do that, too! How neat! :)

Alana said...

Yay for sleep!

I love that she adjusted her daughter first so that you and goo could see what it was all about.

Hope things continue to go well!

Erica said...


I found your blog from Casey. Love hearing your stories. Even though it sounds like things have been rough you have a great way of sharing that makes me laugh. Good luck with everything!

Erica Cozby

Casey said... glad goo is sleeping!! It makes all the difference in the world. And the milk detox...we may have been on our way there if the 2nd set of tubes hadn't worked!! Whatever it takes....

Janelle said...

I hear choirs of angels singing over your anticlimactic family!


Chrys and Mike said...

so does dr g's name have a "u" and an "e" after the g and sounds like something you might eat with barbecue? (i wouldn't b/c i don't like cabbage, but whatever.) if so, i have heard nothing but wonderful things about that man. i think a few moms i know might have a little crush on him. so super sweet that he called to check on goo.

i'll take anticlimactic over drama at the doctor's office any day.


Kelly from Montana said...

so maybe milk doesn't do a body good? glad sleep has found its way into your lives again.

Alisa said...

I stumbled across your blog due to a google alert. It is always so wonderful to hear when an at home approach works for little ones. If you need any dairy-free help, you will find a ton on my website. Good luck!