Monday, April 07, 2008

public service announcement

this is who i get to see in three days.

oh, jim, how i've longed for this day.


Jenny said...


i know.


you do-gooder, you. (with the whole p.s.a. thing)

Janelle said...

You mean you actually get to see him in real life?

That's cool!

Anonymous said...


R said...

LOVE me some Jim! I want to see his movie with George Clooney. Well, not see it WITH Clooney, but you know what I mean. :0)

Chrys and Mike said...

so i'm already having these crazy pregnancy dreams and a few nights ago one was about jim. i dreamed we were in the office (you know, our office) and i told someone i had a crush on jim...little did i know he was standing right there and heard me. and i was topless except for my lovely nursing bra. what a pretty picture. i'm sure he was instantly smitten.

i don't think mike is too worried about it, needless to say.