Friday, April 25, 2008

Camp Backyard '08

sleeping bags? for all three of us? check.

tent? for all three of us? check.

lantern? check.

snacks (in the form of chips)? for all three of us? check.

drinks? for all three of us? check.

movie on portable DVD player? check.

sleepover, here we come.

or not.

little man lasted until 1030. ten minutes after our movie was over. he wanted to sleep in his own bed "without all the outside. it's too dark out here."

right. camping? you understand the concept, right? outside and all?

remember the lantern? and your parents who you are sandwiched in between?

little man still scared. bless his heart. so we went inside for the night.

but the anticipation of it all was so much fun. seriously, buz and i LOVE this kid. LOVE him.


Franklin5 said...

You Wisners are so stinking cute... that you make me happy even when I don't want to be.

So glad I saw this tonight. Chased my grumpy mood right outta town! LOVE BIG H!

Hope y'all have a great weekend...

R said...

dude! I SO wish we had a big enough backyard to do that! :0)

i remember when my girlfriends and i used to camp out in my 'rents backyard in the pop-up camper. those were the days!

Jenny said...

when I come back as a kid again, will you be my parents??

(okay, that sounded a lot less weird in my head)

but seriously. How fun are you guys!? (so fun) :-) )

C-U-T-E little man. I want to pinch his little big cheeks!

Jenna said...

So yeah, your comment on my blog basically made my week. :) This was for several reasons:

-I totally heart you and have loved reading your blog for so long (hilarious? yes, I do believe so!)
-Knowing that we share the craziness that is an MSW makes me undestand on a deeper level why I have always enjoyed you so much
-It caused me to hop over here, and I got to read about that adorable big h and smile at how cute your family is with your little camping selves.

I wish we could get coffee! I need your expert advice as to how to use this crazy degree. Or not use it which is what I am leaning towards...

you're awesome.

Janelle said...

You all are so much fun! What a great memory even if it only lasted until 10:30!

Good for you!

Chrys and Mike said...

"without all the outside..."

thanks for making me laugh this morning.

you guys are the best.


Colored With Memories said...

I'm lovin this idea.

Beats the last time we went camping for real and the only place we could retreat to was our we could sleep with A/C.

Where was Goo?

Alana said...

That is my kind of campout. All the fun, but none of the sleeping outdoors on hard wet ground stuff.