Wednesday, April 09, 2008

i hate to toot my own horn

actually, no. no, i don't.

i will toot it.

with confidence, in fact.

yesterday was one of those days that was just fun to be a mommy. didn't do a whole lot. took the kiddos to breakfast. in our jammies. came home. played. finally put goo down for her nap. the anxiety that goes along with putting goo to sleep is almost unbearable. but she went down ok.

normally, this is the time when we have room time. big h plays in his room, and mama gets something accomplished. most of the house was picked up. i knew what we were going to have for dinner already. so i just wanted some big h time.

so naturally, we headed for the legos box.

lately, we (buz and i) have been building big h spaceships every morning or every night. i have always felt a sense of insecurity when it comes to this stuff. give me some hair to french braid. or a play kitchen to pretend in. but legos. tinker toys. building materials, in general. i get nervous. self-conscious.

this is what we started with.

until lately. and i'm going to be honest. i've been kicking some lego-building tail. it's like i've come into myself. and the reward? big h's response. "oh mama, that is one cool spaceship. dad is going to be so serfrized."

yeah, i own that. i worked it.

seriously. look at that thing.

anyway...toot toot.

speaking of dad. it appears he's been teaching goo a thing or two lately.
here are the books in goo's normal rotation. notice brown bear, a little sandra boynton, goodnight moon, typical board books.

then, some puzzles. two christmas books. because we're into the spirit all year long. an awesome book about trains and a thomas book. because you may not know this about big h. he is a recovering train addict. sober for about a year and a half. and of course, you'll notice pink blankie right there in the middle of all the action.

and in her bed? some dr. seuss books. an additional copy of goodnight moon. and a little story about the wemmicks. along with baby tad. who has been with us since before big h's arrival. he's a staple around these parts.

and now let's look closely. is that a brett favre book, i see? why, yes. yes, it is. buz? he's a smooth cat, that husband of mine.

and a lovely picture of big h just preparing for summer. (that red thing? yeah, it's his oxa-juh thing.)

and finally, i'd like to introduce you to our white trash neighbor's house. oh wait. that's our house. (buz has been doing a LOT around the house. but the bulk trash guy doesn't come for a couple more days. too bad i was taking the picture. because you couldn't see my white ribbed tank top and too short jean shorts.)

and just to let you know. things have been a LOT better around our house. here is evidence.

i'd like you to meet "sweatshirt head guy." name given by big h himself. he's one of those creative types.

and goo tickled with herself. pleased that she managed to convince mama that she needed (and HAD TO HAVE) pretzels.


Jenna said...

I love reading your blog! You are hilarious. I am glad things are getting better around your house, and oh my word all those pictures are so adorable.

And that last one of the goo...words cannot describe the precious! :)

Life In Progress said...

Ok, two things.

One, we love us some Baby Tad at our house too. Although, ours looks considerably more ratty and chewed-on than yours.

Two, you are like rockstar Mommy with the Lego building prowess. I'm totally impressed.

Jenny said...

Great day! I'm glad you weren't blown away by the storm :-)
LOVING the lego - I do that occasionally too. It's best not to overdo it, becomes less impressive :-P

Happy Friday!!

Aimee said...

Love the books! I think a little crush on Favre can't begin early enough.

Oh - the picture of goo is so sweet. She looks too cute!

Janelle said...

Ugh! Legos. I just can't get myself excited about those little guys. But every now and then, I push past the pain and actually play them with my kids. It's not so bad.

Those pix made me smile!

Alana said...

You ROCK with the legos, girlfriend. And this coming from a Mom of two boys. I know about legos ;0 said...

thanks for your comment janet! it made me feel not so insane :-9

i LOVE all these pics!

and baby tad ... he's is the one thing that got louie to go to sleep. that night night for 6 minutes on the right hand is a godsend! wish i would have had him with tommy!