Tuesday, April 22, 2008

all star

...or something.

i am so tired. but i have. to. post.


big things going on at the wisner house.

big h? started t-ball tonight.

Lord have mercy.

technically, big h has never done any sort of organized anything. i mean, he goes to preschool. he obeys the rules. he follows directions. but as for organized activities? never been one for those.

take gymdandies, for example. bff, you can attest to this, right? a place where you take your kid to run around. first fifteen minutes you run around a gym with riding toys and balls. second fifteen minutes you go into a room the size of your own living room and sing "where is thumpkin." last fifteen minutes you go back to the gym and play "popcorn" with the parachute. understatement to say big h didn't care for those so much. also didn't care for the parks and recreation music class we took when i was THIRTY-SEVEN weeks pregnant. again, with bff. you'd think she'd get the idea and not ask us to do anything anymore. i'm pretty sure we spent twenty of the forty minutes outside having "discussions."

let's just say big h hasn't done well with the whole organized thing.

until we asked if he wanted to sign up for a sport. his choices were soccer, baseball, and basketball. when we looked around, basketball wasn't being offered until much later. and we had just missed the soccer deadline. so baseball it was.

and then, we asked him if baseball was ok.

because we're thoughtful.

seriously, buz and i have been praying non-stop for the last several days. about the season. about practices. about games. about the whole notion of teaching him to not be a quitter. to stick to something until the end. all those parenting fears. you know you have them too.

tonight was the night. first night of practice. buz and i definitely had reason for anxiety. when buz showed big h his glove, he said, "oh, i don't need the ball catcher. i'm just going to be the batter."


so buz went to practice. goo and i had girls' night in. we enjoyed a lovely meal of angel hair pasta with parmesan, shrimp, and steamed asparagus in lime/butter sauce.

we're refined.

i don't have to tell you how badly i wanted to go. but i knew it was best for this to be a daddy/son thing. not to mention i would spend the whole hour chasing sassafrass around.

but i made buz promise he would take the camera. (i don't have to lie. i SO assumed he would "forget" and leave it in the car.)

he didn't. that husband of mine. he's such a catch.

and i have to tell you that as dorky as this sounds, i'm teary at these pictures. probably just as teary as every other mother of a boy or girl who has ever played a sport or participated in an organized activity.

per buz, big h was die hard set on wearing his "game pants" during practice. i love this little kid so much.

and the belt? it's actually the belt that goes with his baseball pants, but big h improvised. see how it's belted? like you belted your sorority jersey over a khaki skirt in the late eighties? i love a man who knows his accessories.

he was really friendly to all of the other little boys. and the highlight? "all of the home runs i went on tonight."

(meaning he ran the bases and touched all of them, too.)

seriously, i am in love with this kid.

oh, and buz? thanks for taking such great pictures tonight. it means the world to me. i love you, babe.


R said...

Great photos! I know that must have been hard to hand off the photography duties. It would have been a huge exercise in trust and "letting go" for me. :0) But it looks like Big H had a great time!

I can't wait for the org. activities. I'm praying--hard--that our girls will want to dance!

Casey said...

was wandering where you were! clay is big into organized sports....too bad I've not a clue where to go for that info in CA. For now, karate once a week will have to do!

Ani said...

hi there! i visit your blog every once in a while and i just love your stories about big h and goo. as a mom to a toddler sports freak, these pics brought tears to my eyes - he looks so happy and proud of himself! thanks for sharing.

Alana said...

There is nothing like your first season of biddy sports. He looks like a natural to me ;-)

Anonymous said...

THRILLED for you. THRILLED for big h! he looks like had an absolute blast.

wads and bob said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT. Can't believe he's big enough to be on a team...sniff, sniff...time flies so fast. It seems like gymdandies and musikgarten was just last week :) Anyways, SO proud of him!

Aimee said...

Those are great pics! Big H looks like he had a great time!

Kelly from Montana said...

will there be a game when i am there? would love to see it live - although the pics are great, buz!

Chrys and Mike said...

love. it.


Jenny said...

um...ben and jason are starting violin lessons together next month.

(he he)

maybe I should think about soccer in the fall.

so he doesn't get beat up and all.

but your little slugger? totally precious - in a manly and athletic kind of way.