Saturday, September 30, 2006

and this is what's on my mind??

so i have no real reason to write tonight as today held nothing of real significance. (or as weentrab says, today was not "blogworthy.")

hmmm...what to do for henry's 3rd birthday? (october 30) i have a feeling there will be always be a pressure to have a halloween-themed party. but i will resist it. i will resist it. i know one thing i am getting him. i think it's perfect for him. maybe a bike? maybe a sand table (instead of the sandbox that eventually became a white trash swimming pool this past summer). maybe a new pair of shoes. odd, quirky almost-3-year-old only wears ONE pair of shoes. granted, not a bad pair of shoes to wear if you're only going to wear one pair. but come on!

woke up and had eggos and watched blues clues with henry in my bed. sometimes i'm not sure there is anything better than snuggling with my kiddo. especially when it's henry. though he is not a snuggler by nature, when he does, you have struck gold. ahhh. not to mention when he throws his leg over you and says (without prompting, i might add), "i wub you, mommy." drip, drip, drip---my heart is melting.

greta slept in pink pajamas last night. thanks, grandma. i'm SURE she felt extra feminine. (speaking of grandma, she and i got to do a little online shopping for miss gretahead. so fun! again...thanks grandma.) she hung out with me in the infamous bouncy seat, and of course she was sweating the entire time. but she looked cute, and that's all that matters, right? she took a nap, while king henry and dad played outside. henry played, and dad *tried* to get some work done outside. and don't tell dad, but i just pretended to have LOTS to do so that i got to stay inside. which brings me to another point...

i'm sorry, but is it september and 97 degrees? can someone tell me why in the free world i live in dallas????

took greta to run some errands, which included buying henry the exact same pair of shoes he already wears, so that we have an extra pair in case one pair gets left in the other car. again...he's so weird.

and for some crazy saturday night entertainment, the 4 of us went to babies r us and old navy. got greta some t-shirts at old navy and got her some diapers at babies r us. i mean, we wisners really know how to live it up. :)

however, for those of you who are interested (bm, you know who you are), we enjoyed some nice pei wei for dinner tonight. delish! and we thought we'd start up our "date night" again. (now, date night around our house consists of the same dinner at pei wei take out and a rented movie. sometimes we even get crazy and get candy and dr peppers.) we are creatures of habit, and we love it. tonight's feature was forgotten. for those of you who have not seen it, let me save you the $. don't rent it or buy it on pay per view. wasted hour and a half.

and another note of observation that i must comment on...the return of the 80s fashion. i have been following a fellow blogger, and she has spoken frankly on this topic. and i second everything she said. tonight when we were in old navy, i had to pause my phone conversation with kelly to note the jeans with zippers on the bottom. oh, how i flashbacked to 7th grade getting ready for a YWCA dance at kelly's house and dreaming of dancing with jason whitson. i would PRAY that "you're the inspiration" by chicago or "all out of love" by air supply would come on. i was SURE that if one of those songs came on, we were destined to be together forever. but wait...i didn't know erik zimmerman was here! maybe we were meant to be together. gosh, hoping at night before i went to bed that tomorrow would be the big sale at the brass buckle at washington park mall on anything denim made by guess. blah, blah, blah...

sometimes i have to stop and remember how much i love my life. every so often, i take things for granted. not tonight. i tucked big h in, and he wanted me to tuck buz (lightyear) in too. i knelt down to say thank you to jesus. i started with, "thank you, jesus, for this amazing day and getting to play with daddy and getting to have a lot of fun outside." normally, we start praying for people. he starts with the obvious, "uh-shoo (thank you) zezus, for daddy, mommy, gree-ya (greta), ah-nee (henry)...and then it's wide open to his choice. sometimes it's tee-ya (tanna), ay-fruhl (april), and tie-ehr (tyler). sometimes it's amy wes (amy AND wes, but it's one word to him). sometimes it's daddy again. (i try not to take those personally.) last night, it was buz and woody and bullseye. tonight it was neville and his tender (from the world renown thomas the tank engine empire). it was also for the #1. (yes, the NUMBER one. hmmm...thomas is, of course, number 1.) i can't help but laugh. i mean, how does he come up with these things? then, we finished, and (because he has a problem staying in his bed and keeping the light off) i asked if he was going to make a good choice tonight. he said, "yes, i make good choices mommy." i asked what the good choices were going to be. he responded with "lay here with buz and big neville." what a big kid! henry, i love you! you make me smile.

we finally got to play with amy and wes this week. this is the first "person" word he learned after mommy and daddy. not grandma, nana, uncle bob, was AMY. every day this week, he has asked if we are going to play with amy. and talk about heartwrenching when i had to say, "no, we're not playing with amy and wes today. we'll play with them tomorrow." (we play with them every friday.) and he would start wailing, "no, not rorrow. not rorrow, mommy." so i made obligatory calls to amy to "ask" if we could play that day knowing that we weren't getting together until friday. henry has a one-track mind.

next week is the big OU/texas game. greta will be all geared up in her official sooner get up.

here is henry LAST year saying boomer sooner...

i must go check to see if my husband has won the national championship tonight (playstation). and then it's on to nightnight land.


gramma wiz said...

i love your little family too. You know special time alone together on any date night, but a snuggle one in bed with popcorn or candy and a Dr. Pepper, what more could anyone want.
I didn't know ther was anything called a sand table. Of course our brilliant Henry created his own. But if you could buy one then maybe you could have your patio table back. Maybe in winter time you might want to adventure outside when it will only be 80.
Love that you were talking to Kelly in Montana while you are shopping at the Gap. The world sure has changed. But I love the store about going back to high school memories. (By the way I never saw pants with zippers on the legs in my life. Must have been an Oklahoma thing. :)

Also when you blog I love it when you talk "Henry talk" Feel like I am there.

by the way, you never told us which movie not to rent.
Don't forget my pictures of our sweetie in her jumper and pj's.

thanks zezus for neville, number one and all four of you. Me

martin & casey said...

...and while you dreamed of dancing with Jason, or maybe Erik...I knew andy manning and i would be together forever if only "always" (i don't even remember who sang that one...atlantic star or something like that?) would play!

i'm dreading this new fashion trend as well, but why concern myself...i never catch up on the latest trends until a good 3 years later...and now that i'm back in Oklahoma, that holds especially true! I've got a while yet before i really have to get used to zippers on "skinny" jeans again...grrrr!

keep up the commentary on life in the wisner household...quite entertaining!


Franklin5 said...

Okay... I am catching up on your too-cute blog, which has just made me laugh (zipper jeans and Chicago ballads) and cry (Jen's pictures, which always slay me).

And then, just as I'm thinking I may have found a new best friend, even though we've never actually met, I see that you have dressed your children in... those colors. And that logo.

I am crushed. Crushed, I tell you.

(Still love the blog, though.)

Amy (who'll be proudly wearing burnt orange on Saturday but, happily for everyone at the Cotton Bowl, NOT skinny jeans)