Sunday, March 09, 2008

tomorrow morning

my baby will have her some new and improved ears. we are so pumped. big h has been telling his teachers at school that his stister (not misspelled) is getting new ears and that he got to pick out her ear plugs all by himself. is it sick and twisted that we are all a little excited around here?

oh, and the irony? took her in on thursday for her pre-op. got her ear plug molds made. got her hearing screened. checked for fluid and pressure. and basically went over a bunch of logistics with the doc. first...due to her ear infections, she has developed moderate hearing loss. poor goo. no wonder she looks at us like we're speaking in a different language. and second? she had an ear infection.

i know.

i'm serious.

so instead of MORE antibiotics to heal her ears for the next five days, the doc recommended keeping her pain-free until monday. when he would "get in there and really clean those guys out." yes, that's what he said. love this guy. loved him with big h. still love him. so goo has been doped up for five days, and tomorrow homegirl is getting a true spa treatment. a deep cleaning, if you will. well, that and some more anesthesia. she loves herself some anesthesia.

praying for you, goo.

will update you tomorrow night. after we've done a lot of resting and tv-watching and pizza-ordering.


Janelle said...

Praying for your sweet girl. She will be a whole new Goo when the dr. is done with her! It sounds good enough to get mine done...again. I have a moderate hearing loss from all the ear infections I had as a kid. Bummer for her.

Sugar Photography said...

thinking of you guys this morning. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

not sick and twisted at all! y'all rock. loving how big h is so sweet with goo. you're in our thoughts this morning!

wads and bob said...

Totally keeping you guys in our prayers today! Hugs for the goo!