Sunday, March 02, 2008

follow the sequence

and then ooh and ahh. at all the cuteness and whatnot.

goo finally mustering up enough courage to brave her biggest fear. the slide of doom.

looks nervous. but getting up the slide.

more courage. but still unsure.

sees big brother at the bottom and starting to relax a little.

oh dear, point of no return. can't go back down the steps. don't want to be a chicken.

his perspective. "c'mon, goo. you can do it. i'm right here. i'm right here."

"i hunch my shoulders when i'm nervous. big h, can you see my shoulders? they're hunched."

"wow. that wasn't so bad after all. i should probably do it again. and again. and again."

until my brother is sick of the whole "catch me because i'm your scared little sis" excuse.

and really. wouldn't you feel safer if this was who was waiting for you at the bottom?

or not.


Alana said...

What a great big brother! Glad she conquered her fears!

Jenny said...

de-lurking to say that that is absolutely P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S!!!

and your pictures are amazing.

so very sweet, i'm completely ooh-ing and ahh-ing over here:-)

Janelle said...

How sweet that is! I think my son would have been nice the first couple of times, then he would have faked her out by standing at the bottom until the very last moment.

I love the photo journaling.

Krissy Alexander said...

Hi, my name is Krissy. I just saw your blog through a friend of a friend. I am just getting into photography and no matter how much I think I know, there is always something to learn!!!

I would love to know how you chose who was in focus in these pictures. I know how to set the apeture and focus in on my subject, making the rest blurry...But then the subject is always centered (for the most part). How do you focus off center and choose what is in focus and what is blurred? Or did you just crop them?

Sooo....Great pics! And I look forward to hearing from you!