Tuesday, October 16, 2007

moral of the story

don't take your sick kid to the state fair.

today began a little abnormally. big h didn't feel well yesterday afternoon. nana put him to bed last night because buz and i went to a meeting. she said everything went fine but that he was really tired.

he woke up this morning about one o'clock. he had a nightmare and wanted to come be with us. i use the term "us" loosely because i don't wake up so easy in the middle of the night. buz does. so he tossed and turned in our bed for almost an hour. buz finally put him back in his bed. he does better there anyway. but buz could NOT get back to sleep. so i fell back asleep. i thought it was for a couple of hours, only to realize that it was only a couple of minutes.

but i was sure buz was getting dressed for work.


nope. buz was getting ready for work.

at 2:45 in the morning.

he said he could NOT get back to sleep so he thought he might as well head into the office.

they say opposites attract, right? which is why we're perfect for one another.

goo woke up first and was happy and all smiles. big h got up at (drum roll please) 8:45. i don't know if any of your children sleep that late, but around here, that is mid morning snack time.

he was happy but had a fever. he was just lethargic all morning and was content to lay on the couch in his "comfies" and watch television. and not in the "sweet! i get to watch tv all day" kind of way. but the "i don't have what it takes to do anything else" kind of way. all of the sudden, he began complaining of an ear ache. with a kid with tubes, we don't take ear pain too lightly around here. i called the pediatrician office, and they suggested we come in.
seriously. this is what we do for fun. we go see the pediatrician. good times.

goo took her morning nap, and big h and i had some SUPER SPECIAL mama/kiddo time on the couch. i loved every minute of our snuggle time. i love that kid.

we had lunch and headed to dr. g's. of course, he and big h discussed halloween costumes and shoes and other various man topics, including if dr. g wanted to come to big h's birthday party in two weeks. that's how much my kid loves that man.

we finish up. no strep. just a virus making its way out. can't go to school tomorrow because of the "fever-free for 24 hours" rule. which made me sad because big h has never missed school in his little three year school history.

oh, and goo? i forgot what 14-month-olds are like. bulls in a china shop. so in my true chaotic mama fashion, goo managed to pull at one of my stretchy beady bracelets and brake it. causing sixty-four million sparkly green beads to fall to the floor. fall hazard? choking hazard? yeah, we were that family today.
(can we just not discuss why i had on stretchy sparkly bracelets? thank you.)

big h still wanted to go to the fair. and it looked like a nice night. so we decided to take them.

never a good start when your kid is afraid of big tex and begins to cry. for those of you outside of texas, big tex is the state fair. and that is the first attraction you visit. well, besides getting yourself a fletcher's corny dog. and yes, you have to call it a "corny dog," not just a corn dog.

i mean, can you see the excitement? i think if you look closely, you can actually see the tears on big h's face. but dad...God love him. big h wasn't that fired up about the corny dog, but his sister sure was.

we headed to the "rides." we thought big h would just sit in the stroller and mope. but lo and behold, he wanted to ride. and i'll be honest, i will never be able to a take an "action shot." for the life of me, i cannot take a picture of someone moving. so bear with me. these are blurry.

he did the cars, the firetrucks, and the boat. and for some reason, he wanted to do the boat three times. ok, big h. whatever floats...nope, i can't do it.

this is why i love my buz.

this was the bane of goo's existence tonight.

clearly thrilled.

my little man fighting fires. that girl had nothing on him.

had dinner with the pattisons, which was way fun.

my delicate little princess.

big h wanted to ride the boat one more time with anzoo. we did. fun was had by all.

and then mama just had to push the limit. i was dying for that one last "treat" of the night. nachos for the ride home. nothing makes me feel healthier than eating processed cheese in a moving vehicle.

i "settled" on some cotton candy and a dr. pepper. was it worth it?

we'll find out in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like more fun could have been had, but all in all no horror stories? that's good right?

i love the pictures!
the one of buz, big h and goo in the stroller walking down the midway with the texas star right up top - greatness!

and moving schmoving! the pic of buz in the background while big h is riding in the general lee should be in the ads for the fair.

p.s. big h's hair cut is too cute

Janelle said...

Love the Corny Dogs at fairs.

Sorry about the fever free policy. It seems sad to miss school over that.

But looks like good times were had at Big Tex!

wads and bob said...

that pic of goo with the corny dog stick up her nose is a keeper for sure. totally made my night!

Anonymous said...

Hey is that buz in the background on some of these pics? What a fun dad!

Franklin5 said...

Oh, I just love love love the pictures! The expression on big H's face is absolutely priceless.

We dragged our fam to the Fair yesterday, and I'm now wringing my hands over all the wonderful deep-fat goodness I passed up.

Fried guacamole, we hardly knew ye.

I'd say I hope y'all are feeling better, and of course I most certainly do, but arrrghhh! at today's post!

So sorry to hear about sweet Goo's ears, and hope augmentin does the trick.

It SOUNDS highly effective, in any case: AUGMENTIN. That's a no-fooling name right there.

Big hugs to y'all...