Friday, October 09, 2009

jennifer and family

i'm about to make a long story short.

no, seriously, i am.

a while ago, i got an email from a friend of a friend.

still with me?

she emailed several of us asking if anyone knew anything about this random town in oklahoma.

um, yes. yes, i do. in fact, i GREW UP there.

so i talked to this girl who was moving to this/my (childhood) town and told her everything i knew and hooked her up with some friends of mine.

fast forward a few months and i was going to be in town visiting my pals. and we get to meet. not only meet each other, but i get to meet her whole family.

her three boys LOVED being outside, throwing rocks, looking at the creek, playing outside on the playground, and being together.

jennifer, loved FINALLY meeting you and all your boys.


angela garmendia said...

lovely pics :)