Sunday, June 15, 2008

know how to really appreciate dad?

"let" him be out of town on father's day. (for the record, there is a long story behind the whole "let" him be gone. but i'm not going into right now because it involves me not being a very nice wife. and typically i don't prefer publicizing that on the internet. i like to keep you thinking i'm a sweet, nurturing, ever-so-thoughtful spouse.)

that's how you appreciate him.

so dad left early this morning for florida (where i will join him on tuesday). he has a conference tomorrow and part of tuesday. so he went early.

and let me tell you how yesterday went with all the "hey buddy, daddy's gotta go out of town for a couple of days."

praise Jesus my husband doesn't travel often.

because big h? couldn't take it.

and neither could i.

(oh, and Jesus? please let's not use this for a teachable moment, ok? thanks.)

so we missed church this morning. something we haven't done in i don't know how long. sad. and at 830, it was looking like it was going to be a long day. but we headed off to starbucks and had pastries and drinks. for the record, goo had milk, so we'll see how the night goes.

came home and played and played some more. had lunch and had rest time. well, goo and i had rest time. big h had quiet time. there's a difference, you know. and big h is the first to explain it to you.

woke up and decided to hit a mall to return something. and get smoothies.

we did that and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

came home. had dinner. took baths. nighty night to goo. eight hundred and sixty-seven stories later, and it was nighty night for big h.

see how boring this all sounds? yeah. i know.

know why?

guess who was missing?


seriously. this guy is the rock of this house. the glue that holds us together. our foundation. our support. (hold on. let me think of how many more home depot analogies i can think of. darn. none.)

it was so quiet around here. and not the leisurely sunday afternoon relaxing kind of quiet. the boring kind of quiet.

i built a fort. let's be honest. it was a crappy fort.

i told a couple of stories. bless my heart. they will never compare to dad's hour long ones FULL of imagination and audience participation.

we didn't play outside. because frankly, i am not as good at hide and seek as the big guy.

bottom line. there was a warm and cozy spirit missing from this house. today. on father's day. and we couldn't be more thankful for that guy that makes us three so happy.

and so now i'm going to go sit in my bed, drink a dr pepper and sulk while longing for my sweet spouse. i mean, i won't be sulking NEARLY as much as big h. that kid's got it down to a science. but i will sulk if only for a little while.

because tuesday, i get to be with him. alone. just the two of us.

happy father's day, buz. i love you so much. and so big h and the goo.

(oh, and big h wants me to tell you he wants the eric geotrax train from you when you get home. i mean, he misses you and all, but he also wants his new toy.)


Jenny said...

LOVE the photo collage. That's so sweet. Bummer about the "quiet" day. But it sounds as though you handled it beautifully.
Have fun on your trip :-)

Sugar Photography said...

look at your oh-so-snazzy pics!!! *heart* them!!!

sad that buzz missed out on some fam-love today. but YAY on your alone time in FL! jealous!

Franklin5 said...

You get mad props from me for being stoic and selfless, because you know I don't handle the traveling-spouse thing very well.

But it's all gonna pay off in just a few days... I am SO EXCITED for y'all. So hang in there and call if you need reinforcements!

Happy belated Father's Day, Buz! And happy early just-you-two time...

P.S. The pictures? LOVE 'EM.

Janelle said...

Love the card. Way better than the Hallmark ones that I hope you returned. And how much did I laugh when I saw pink blankie in the spotlight!!

My hubs was working out of town yesterday, too. I hated it. It was the same kind of boring. I even lied to my kids that I saw lightning outside so I didn't have to take them swimming BY MYSELF. Mom doesn't partake in the waterhole these days. I know. I am an awful daddy.

Hope you enjoy Florida, just the 2 of you!

Aimee said...

What a sweet tribute to Buz. The collage is great! Have a fun trip!

Jill said...

Love, love, love the pictures! SO snazzy! Hope ya'll have a great trip & let's plan to catch up when you get back!!

Colored With Memories said...

What a sweet tribute to your hubby! Love the photo card you made him.

Anonymous said...

and now even i miss buz! seriously. identifying a little too much fo anyone's good and absolutely LOVING the collage love from you and the kiddos. buz is so immensly lucky to have to three in his life. your sweet family just makes me smile.

enjoy your trip and time together because everything here will still be the same when you return.

Kelly from Montana said...

i had the inside view on how great daddy makes things - buz completes the wisner package! get ready to see your sweetie! have fun! miss ya!

wads and bob said...

Y'all have an awesome trip! I am jealous :)

R said...

i can totally relate...j was out of town on business most of the week last week, and it was mis-er-a-ble!

and i'm so curious now about you "letting" him go and the not-so-nice-wife thing. because i'm that wife so often! i can't imagine you being that way.