Monday, June 16, 2008

Camp Nana

so i'm at my parents' house kickin' it with my dad. well, actually if you knew my dad, you would laugh at that. because dad doesn't actually kick it so much. he's more the reserved type.

he's packing for a trip. while my mom is at my house. it's 1045 at night, and i've got nervous energy. tonight was a tough night. i put goo to bed. and then after i finished reading stories to big h, we talked about how i would be leaving for a couple of days.

and he started crying. a lot. which i did NOT expect.

sure, i expected it when buz left. but me? not so much. caught me so off guard. so i did the only thing that came to my mind. first, we talked to Jesus. and then, i printed off a picture of me. i know. i've got vanity issues. at first he hung it on the wall. and then he decided that he would rather sleep with it.

i'm serious.

so right now, he is asleep with a picture of the two of us. cute. sad. makes me sad just thinking about it.

but he's going to be #1 camper at Camp Nana.

and i'm going to be at a pool with sunglasses and a book. with my spouse. in florida.

and did you check out the pictures above? i mean, could Nana be any more ready for this week? i hope and pray she has a wonderful time with her grandchildren.

let's take a brief moment to pray for sweet nana. that she'll have a wonderful time with her grandchildren.

ok. i feel much better.

and now i'm off.


Franklin5 said...

You and your sweet husband will have THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME.


Nana will ROCK IT.

And when you get back and we've had a chance to talk and you've told me how fabulous and relaxing and amazing it all was, then and only then will I mock you for being SO UNBELIEVABLY ORGANIZED.

Because: color-coded gift bags? Really? I am in serious AWE.

Big love to you all...

Jenna said...

Ok, you are officially Super Mama with all your Camp Nana preparations! Seriously. That was awesome.

And that Big H is such a sweetie. God love him. I know that has to be hard knowing he is upset, but he is going to have SO much fun.

Speaking of fun...hope you have a WONDERFUL trip!!!

I will miss you! Maybe not as much as Big H, but a lot, nonetheless. :) Have fun, my friend!

Janelle said...

I am not worthy. That slideshow officially put you in the Hall Of Fame. For the 3 days I will be gone, I have left my mom nada. I hope she makes it.

You and Buzz will have a wonderful time. You will feel peace about the kids because they are with someone who loves them almost as much as you!!

Wow! I am still in awe.

Jenny said...


That is some kind of organized!

Have fun :-)

Aimee said...

Wow Camp Nana sounds great! I'm sure H will have an awesome time. He'll miss you but still have fun!

Have a wonderful, relaxing trip!

Alana said...

You are CRACKING ME UP with that slideshow. Could you work something like that up for me? I mean for everyday life with my kids? Great, thanks.

Seriously, how was your trip? How was the reunion? Can't wait to hear. Had so much fun with glad we were able to meet!

R said...

LOVE. IT. Now I totally have the urge to go find a reason to make a notebook with page protectors!