Thursday, June 12, 2008

oh big h

my heart is overflowing with pride today.

today was your "celebration day," which means the last day of your four-day-a-week for two weeks swim class. i got to go (without goo) and watch you "perform."

big h, how you've overcome so many things in your little life.

you were ten and a half months before you learned to crawl.

but you walked at eleven. show off.

you waited until you were a little over three-and-a-half until you were potty trained.

but you were potty trained in three days. show off.

you didn't speak until you were three.

but once you started, you have never, i repeat NEVER stopped.

i could listen to you all day long. wait...i DO listen to you all day long.

two years ago, you only sat on the steps of a swimming pool. last year, you swam with your instructor, with your head completely above water. oh, and you announced to the instructor EVERY DAY that you would NOT be going "deep under water, thankyouverymuch."

today, you did it. you went under water. "yots" of times. of course, there were plenty of kids who were like little fish, and the instructors couldn't keep their heads above water. but that's neither here nor there.

but today, you, big h, were brave. you set an example for me. "be strong and brave, because God is with me." and so you quote.

i love you with all of my being. thank you for creating for me one of my best days as a mother. i tip my hat to you, sir.

quick question...why are you making that weird face?

maggie mermaid. or you like to say, "you're not a mermaid. you don't have a tail." you've always been an outside-the-box thinker.

seriously. i could eat you with a spoon.


R said...

sweet victories!

Chrys and Mike said...



Anonymous said...

Way to go Big H!! In your own time...

I've got a kid like that :-P
So sweet :-)

Shanna said...

Congrats!! From now on summers will be busy! Have fun!

Janelle said...

Oh, Janet. You are the sweetest mommy. I love reading about your kids. The love you have for them overflows from the screen.

It is fun to watch our kids grow into themselves. He is owning it! Way to go, H.

Marino said...

Big Jan...I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have you and Big H pave the way for me and always ya'll give me such hope!!! I love what an independent spirit Big H has to do things his way in his own sweet!

Love ya!

wads and bob said...

Way to go, Big H!

Jenna said...

Go Big H!!! And thank you for reminding me to be strong and brave, too. God is definitely with us just like you said, my man. Preach it brotha.

And Janet...pass the spoon, my friend! I just love him. I can't imagine how proud y'all are of your little guy. Are you just the sweetest and funnest mama ever or what?? We are going to have so much fun when I come to Texas and become your live-in nanny. :)

Franklin5 said...

Best post ever. Big H, you rock!